Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sleeping Naked II

Long time readers will know I am fairly incapable of sleeping naked. However, I have been working towards trying to rectify this. So far I am having better success than I usually have.

The biggest distinction I have found is if I am going to masturbate that night. If circumstances have arranged themselves so that is not much of a possiblity and I have resigned myself to the fact I can sleep naked with ease. I have done for a number of nights now since I started trialling this a few days before Christmas.

The next situation is a little sketchy, I haven't had much chance to test it out yet. That is when it looks like wanking is not on the cards, but very abruptly it is and I am still awake enough to have a crack at it. In the two occasions of this it has been 50/50. Once I threw my clothes back on and another, I cleaned up and went to sleep.

The last situation is where the bulk of the work remains. That is when I have "pre-meditated" wanking and I immediately want to put my clothes back on and go to sleep. I, unfortunately have a 100% failing at that.

It seems I am still associating nakedness with arousal, which I think is quite likely the cause of this. I try to be naked in ordinary situations to try and separate the two, but when living with parents it can be more than a little tricky!


Anonymous said...

I feel that it may be time to move out of home. Get your own pad. Sleep how you like, fuck whoever you like & pull your plonker whenever you need too in whatever attire you choose. (Get a life!)

wanklogger said...

Hello and thanks for having a read.

That is always the dream. However, the city where I am is very expensive to live in and in my present financial state I am in no position to move out. This is not to mean I am going to leech off the parents for ages, far from it.

I have to take a little side-track here. I have never really had any significant goals. What other people have deemed to be major milestones I have not been interested in. A few years ago I finally had a thought about this very topic (moving out). If I move out and scrape out a living in this city I am going to be partly dependent on the parents for years to come. On the flipside, they would also be dependent on me - I help them out a fair bit. It would be like living in the same house only a few miles apart. Anyway my thought was to be daring for once, I am going to move the other side of the planet.

That's my goal.

This however has significant logistical and financial problems. The logistical are not so bad, but I'm just building up the cash supplies now to cut the apron strings so to speak. But this is also an area where beaucracy loves to get involved so I need to tread water for a few years to have a decent chance at a visa.

It's in the works, but for me moving out is not just that thing you do, it will be combined with one of the major goal/s of my life.

Thanks again!

tasman said...

I know it's hard for you but I've made two major moves in my life. The first was a mere 6,000 mile boat trip & the second was 13,000 miles by air.
(Wanking on the ocean waves is great fun let me add.)

Tasman said...

I read "Sleeping Naked 1" & was most surprised to hear that you have never had a wet dream.
You have missed out on one of lifes ultimate pleasures.
For you, with no sleeping partner, it hardly matters if you choose to sleep in clothes.
Flogging your tool is your priority. While you choose to be so selfish, your bottled-up emotions $ affections will never be shared with the lady of your dreams.

Netty said...

Pre-meditated wanking you say. Phobia of sleeping naked. Worried about parents seeing & hearing you.
Wanklogger, you have to make serious decisions & now.
At that uni. of yours there just has to be a girl who will help you through this. (Don't say that I didn't offer.)
You should be wanking at the thought of sleeping naked next to an Olive Oil & then you should be making it happen.

I want to work on you to build-up your confidence & self esteem. I'm not interested in your totals etc. It's you that I want & just as you are.
(How about it sometime?)

wanklogger said...

Netty, would it be possible to talk to you via email?

netty said...

If you really think I can help you then I will consider email but I don't want to become a victim of a folly.

(Consider & let me know.)

wanklogger said...

Netty, I am interested in what you have to say. My motivation in asking you to email me is to properly answer the questions you have asked and explain some things.

netty said...

You can email me anytime as follows:




netty said...

Now we have a little secret that will definitely improve your tally but, with any luck, will also point you in the right direction for a relationship.

netty said...

You're a very honest guy. Looking forward to meeting you for some r & r or some southern comfort. (I need it badly!)

Netty said...

Your cock must be raring to go. You've been so quiet lately.
Maybe what you've seen of me is not sufficient to whet the taste buds!

Your temptress Netty. xxxx

hothardcock said...

I started sleeping naked when I was about 14. It just seemed so natural. Even now I find it hard to sleep with boxers on. If I'm cold I might wear a T-shirt but very rarely boxers.

Just go for it.


Anonymous said...

Sleeping naked is one of the greatest pleasures inlife...total freedom. We used to sleep naked in scouts..learning at an early age that male bonding was more than doing circle jerks. Even as a kid, going to the Y and swimming bareass with fellow men taught me to view manhood differently. Try it once...you'll be leaving mommys nest in no time. Be a man...go comando.

Anonymous said...

male 48: Ive slept naked since I was 18 or 19. prior to that, i wore briefs. I have lived alone for a long time and rarely wear clothes at home. the times i have had to sleep in the company of other men, on camping trips or business trips, i sleep in briefs, though if we know each other, naked. only one or two guys i know well enough to do that.