Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2006 Wanking Totals

I usually do a post on the previous month’s wanking and how it fits with my original posit; do I wank more when the traveling parent is away?

Well it is not only the end of December, but also the end of 2006. I make a note of my wanking in an excel spreadsheet, so I am also able to make graphs and charts to illustrate my points.

The final for the year is

352 total wanks
127 when traveling parent is in country (36.08%)
225 when traveling parent is not in country (63.92%)

Pretty obvious that for 2006 I got more wanking done with one less person around.

Here are the graphs!

This graph shows the totals for each month, divided by traveling parent in country (MS/IC) and not in country (MS/NIC).

February had both parents away for the whole month and March had only one away. The same applies this year :D

This is the total number of wanks per month, regardless. The general trend is quite a steep down, unfortunately. I don'treally know how to explain that as I've felt about the same level of arousal the whole year.

The % of wanks each day, throughout the year had. It was a lot more even than I thought.

The % of wanks on a weekday and weekend. Keep in mind the huge difference between in the number of days in each. The actual figure is an average of 0.98 wank/day during the week and 0.94 wank/day during the weekend.

The raw data, if you are interested.

Phew, so that was 2006! And for being so kind as to sit through all those dull graphs, here is what caused the first load of 2007 to shoot out!


Anonymous said...

You certainly got a few in from your November report to the year end. Your knob must be raw.
Advice for this year is: moderate your wanking, concentrate on meeting people; forget the hang-ups regarding disappointing, letting down etc. & go for it.
Graphs, pie chart etc. show that you have the ability to use Excel but this time could have been spent on getting your girl.
The photo is well worth a New Year pull but she's really not your type. You have to be realistic if you want to get a root. Go for the plain shy one not the fashion model!

wanklogger said...

Hello and thanks for reading!

I think I was not as clear as I should have been before about meeting people - in fact on reflection I think I said almost the opposite of what I meant! I do try, and frequently ask people out. However, I seem to have an uncanny ability to make people not interested (as in they see me walking down the road and walk the other direction). It has become a source of humour for me - I made another site about it. I would like to post a link but I would like to keep the two worlds separate.

As for your suggestion for the plain/shy one, I'm already there! Of the girls who are not repulsed by me for whatever reason, I usuaully find the plain/shy girls have the best personality - hell, the girl who is a friend who I mentioned in my comment yesterday is one of them and is one of the oddest people I know. I have found once the unobtainable fashion models scrape off the gallons of makeup, they look significantly different.

Like I said, I will look at all the things I can do, but I will always be wanking away - it's just too fun!

The Fury said...

You are hilarious! If you focus that hard on everything in life you must be...fucking tired!

You definitely need to focus on having sex. Even though wanking is far from disappointing, there are real women out there that will do it for you...for free!!

I disagree with the anonymous person though, go ahead and try the supermodel. Trust me, she's bored at home fingering herself because men don't think she'll say yes. LOL

tasman said...

When jus one of your parents is home, which one do you feel most comfortable with when wanking? (i.e. Mum or Dad.)

netty said...

Now you know yor statistics, you can use them as standards which means that you no longer need to keep accurate records. From the past statistics you can aasume that your future wank total will be much the same unless...
I am a very ordinary girl who had similar habits & hang-ups to yours. In the end, I decided to cut down on self pleasure & share my sex with anyone that showed interest. I now have a variety of casual relationships with both genders. It may be slightly different for a bloke but you should really consider going either way if you have a fear of O.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought of measuring the quantity of semen that you deliver with each pull?
It would be interesting to know how many litre of cum you expel in a year!
If you were a stud bull, you would be worth a fortune to the artificial inseminator!

wanklogger said...

Fury: These sorts of things, the in depth "study" of the inane I find quite interesting. You can understand I find the the Ig Nobels fascinating :)

Tasman: Since my parental movements are so regular and distinct and I tell friends who don't know about this site, I'll keep the actual parent unknown. However, it is the same parent each time (except when they both go, obviously :P). I feel no different in comfort when either is home, however I find that one parent in particular tends to be a little oblivious to privacy and that staying up half the night a mere 10 feet away with the tv going puts a real cramp on things.

Netty: Thanks for reading. It is not that I haven't tried to meet people - I have. It is also not that I haven't wanted to have sex with women - my porn usage clearly shows that! However, so far in 100% of the cases my interest has not been reciprocal. After many years of constant rejection, and I mean absolute rejection, not "let's be friends stuff", I mean close to running a mile at the thought you start to develop a resilience to urges. It is just at this time of year with all the coupley things that happen you cannot help but feel left out.

I have never thought of that, it would be interesting, but significantly inconvenient and a bit of a mood killer!

rex said...

Interesting. I guess you are a dedicated wanker. I should add that even in my fifties I enjoy a good wank from time to time.

Anonymous said...

I think you've gone to sleep on this blog. No entries for quite a few days now. I assume both parents are home!

wanklogger said...

I'm still around, just a little quiet. Most years, I have this part of the year off. I usually use my vacation time to relax and be "off-the-grid" so to speak. I am still around, just taking it easy for a bit.

The plus side is the traveling parent left the other day! However, it is a short trip and arrives home soon.

netty said...

Your piece of meat seems to be neglected just now. (How about posting a photo sometime?)
It's almost half way thro' Jan. & you've got nothing to show so far.
My partner likes it when I leave a pair of my soiled panties under the pillow. The smell of my pussy must be a big turn-on as she's so randy for the rest of the day.
I love swinging both ways & I could imagine myself giving you the best (& first fuck) that you've had.
I am gentle with a first timer. If your bum is cute, I would ride on it for a while then I would slowly milk your snake. We would have a rest & before I let you into my hole, I would teach you how to get the best out of my clit. (After all, it's not just about you. I like to explode also!)

wanklogger said...

Hello Netty, thanks again for reading.

It sure is a generous offer, however I think if a cute bum is what you are after I would let you down. Most things involving my physical appearance would probably let people down unfortunately.

I've thought about posting a photo of my equipment, I'm still tossing the idea around in my head. I've been teased most of my life on various bits of my appearance. I'm sure my less than impressive penis would just lead to more of the same.

This place would be the first place to know if I did or not!

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Great tally chum - i luv the idea of sharing a few stats - my graph's quit similar!

Tasman said...

Anonymous, you also keep statistics...
I'm trying my best to guide Wanklogger in the right direction. He has to get a fuck! Netty has been quite suggestive & would be eager to oblige. Now our friend has a hang-up over his bum, cock size etc. Seems to me that you guys squirt semen for no other reason than maintaining statistics.

Netty said...

Hi Wanklogger,
At least I offered!
I'm sure you have a perfect bum & your cock must be getting longer by the pull.
If ever I can help, I will gladly send you explicit photos of myself & my partners doing the things that you dream of.
I sincerely want to see you through your belated adolescence without mental pain. I think you should seek advice from your parents. Come clean. tell them of your habit; let them see your Wanklog. You're their son & they have to be forgiving!

wanklogger said...

I am amazed that someone else documents their jerking!

Tasman: And I appreciate it. It's not because I am shy or trying to avoid the truth, it's more a defensive gesture. I know full well that my bum is nothing special - years of forced education with people who are considered perfect has taught me that any flaw is best kept to yourself. Or you develop layers of thick skin and ignore almost everyone. Either way, teasing made my schooling years very unpleasant.

University is a blessing and a curse in this regard. It is a place where you are considered on your ideas, thoughts, reasoning and logic. If you can carry yourself and your ideas well, you are received well. I love it at university! These have been the best years of my life, I have learnt about many things from fierce debate based on solid thinking - the cornerstone of the West's superiority if I wanted to get political and divisive.

However, in my experience the "real world" is a lot like high school. I know my dick is not impressive, as such I tend to not advertise the fact to all and sundry (which is ironic saying it on a blog :P) purely to avoid landing back in the jungle of senior high school.

Netty: You must forgive me for not making my appreciation known. I am very flattered indeed!

The Masturbatrix said...

There is something very appealing to me, about the fact that not only have you tracked your wanking, but that you have also charted it, bargraphed it, broken it down by various criteria and conditions...My masturbation fetish AND my statistics fetish are both piqued! Add to that the fact that you have a firm command of the English language, and you may just be one of perhaps 3 or 4 males in the world who embody all three of my peculiar erotic interests.


I Have a Male Masturbation Fetish

Anonymous said...

Ally is right. You could be one of a few worldwide that is going to the extremes that you do.
I agree, your command of the written word is excellent but I'm not sure how any of this will help you find true love.

wanklogger said...

Thank you. I find language to be one of the greatest achievements of Man. I feel it is only fitting I learn how to use it properly :)

Sheen V said...

Iteresting. If you are not a statistician yet, you will be one day if you keep this up! Seriously, I do something similar.

Paul said...

Great use of Excel! Microsoft should use these as training examples. It shows how useful spreadsheets can be on a daily basis.

Lawrence said...

What an amazing idea this is! Wonder what's so horny about Thursdays?

Thing is, if I was conciously mapping this, I think I'd do it less.

Map time it takes for each next! I think the colder months might take longer...

Well done ace!