Monday, August 07, 2006

Sleeping Naked

There is one thing I have never quite been able to conquer. Being able to sleep naked, or at the very least, bottomless.

Everything else I have ever wanted to figure out or try, I have without too much hassle.

  • Full and easy retraction of my foreskin
  • Lowering the sensitivity of glans to make playing with my foreskin more enjoyable
  • Shaving dick & balls
  • Venture a finger into the "tradesman's entrance"

But the one thing I am never quite able to get past the bit of me that controls inhibitions is taking my clothes off when I go to sleep.

Every time I try as a sort of "spur of the moment" type thing, I screw it up. Invariably after a few minutes my brain (as any young male brain does) starts thinking about sex, or jerking off, or porn, or all 3 at once! Given the new found easy access to the equipment, soon enough I'm wanking away.

If I plan a few hours beforehand, more than likely I will wimp out and take the safe and proven, clothed option. If I have my usual pre - sleep tug, I will try to resist the urge to throw everything back on and climb into bed. But I fail.

In the first instance I had a few theories formulated to try and explain why I could not ever quite accomplish my aim.

The first was that when I was a much younger fellow in 1996 for some unknown reason I wet the bed. Before that time I cannot even remember doing it. That stuck out like a sore thumb. For a few years after, it remained wedged in my mind. I have to discount the idea for today's problems as it hasn't happened in a whole decade, and if it did happen again what sort of safeguard is wearing a thin pair of boxers going to achieve?

The second is as a teenager I had heard that wet dreams were partly caused by direct stimulation by sheets & blankets etc. I've never had a wet dream, I much preferred to be awake to enjoy my orgasms.

When I was in the beginner stage of using my foreskin (which I've said happened quite late, around 17 years old) I often times had a bit of a problem with cum leaking out after the fact. Or a bit getting caught in the foreskin and oozing out later on. Wishing to avoid the tell - tale signs on my sheets, I would quickly whip the boxers back on and go to sleep. Which in the end was pretty bloody stupid anyway as the little wet spot would be on my front. Now I wait a few minutes and squeeze the final few drops out. So no more indications.

The final reason I could think of would be the chance of being walked in on. For years there was a sort of unspoken rule that my door shouldn't be closed. No idea why, but it shouldn't. Now it is quite acceptable as it keeps my dog out when I try to sleep. People knock when they need me for something, so I have to reject that theory.

I really want to beat this particular hang up, especially in the warmer months as it is infinitely more comfortable.

Am I crazy? Should I just get on with it and try harder? Practice some self - control? Or are there any other people with a similar issue? Let me know :)


Tara Tainton said...

Great article! Keep on it...your lovers will find it more sensual and intimate and you'll feel more natural over time. :) Sounds like it will also be a lesson in being able to separate nudity and intimacy from sex a bit more for you, making you able to enjoy the most from all aspects of sexuality. :)

I have a rule for my lover: absolutely no clothes in bed. I like access to every inch of his skin, even if just to smooth my hand over his ass during the night or pull the covers off of him a bit for an elicit peek.

Keep trying! I'll be back to hear the results. :)


Sheen V said...

I also find it very difficult to sleep in the nude. Its just too stimulating to keep my hands off of myself. I usually wear boxers to bed, and one would think that they offer the same freedom and tactile stimulation as nothing at all. But for some reason they don't.

henry66 said...

Hi, I am an argentine addicted wanker, 66 y/o & wanking 2-3 times dayly since more than 55 ys. In addition I need to feel my clothes always stimulating my dick, so I almost dont wear undies. I have forgatten when I started sleeping is sooo exciting 2 feel, sheets "touching and stroking" my cock. Even my wife - she likes it a lot and she strokes me a lot- says she has a much easier, faster access to my tool.
I cannot imagine being in bed other than is so good!!!
if u want 2 reply, i ma which means"henry the wanker"

wanklogger said...

Hello Tara, I think you may well be correct. The only times I am naked is in the shower, or masturbating. I shall try (somehow!) to spend more time naked, but doing ordinary things.

Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Hi,Wankers, I join in your rank. I am a wanker for about 3 or 4 year. Nowadays i used to sleep naked, I found it is comfotable, and i look for some medical books, it is helpful to our body. So pls keep it! I am from Beijing, PRC. I am Nick, i can get on for leaving my Name,so I write them here, if anyone who is a wank addictor, you can contact me at I think we can have a talk with each other. Thanks!

And I am waiting for the result, too

nick said...

Hi I'm the British Nick, from anciano1.blogspot

As a 64 yo I can agree with my Argentinian friend, I have a South American wife, that naked is best, and being shaved makes the wanking by ones self or with the wife before sex is the only way.

keep trying, and when you get a girl all will be clear! Good luck

Anonymous said...

I've slept naked since 1976 when we had a very hot summer in the UK. I couldnt sleep with clothes on now. I love sleeping naked with my girlfriend, its very stimulating, especially when I wake up in the morning with my hard prick pressed against her arse!

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, my mum would buy the pajamas for me, and I never questioned them, since my dad and everybody would wear them. My old man would go commando under his pajamas, and so did I. As a teenager, I switched to boxers or briefs and a teeshirt, like all of my peers were doing or said they were doing.
In my late teens, I decided that I must sleep naked. The first few night, I had a very hard time falling asleep because of the new sensation. I would have erotic thoughts and wouldn't sleep unless I wanked first. That lasted three weeks or so. I got used to it and I'm very happy I did. The "problem" now, is that I can't stand even a srting of clothing while I'm in bed. If for some reason I have to share the bedroom with somebody, I will try and go to bed with my briefs on for the sake of modesty, but I can't fall asleep, so I will remove them.
Sleeping naked is so comfortable that I'm amazed when I hear & see that a lot of people don't.


alwaysnude said...

I sleep nude all the time as a matter of fact I hardly ever wear clothes simply because I am a naturist. clothes are a burden and you are best without them. Being nude is a natural way of life. I wank a lot but I keep my erections under control especially when I pose nude for life modeling or go to naturist activities . My advice to you is try going to a naturist beach but never think that you are nude sexually and you will feel better and be able to go to be naked.