Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Crush

I have a crush on someone. I rarely entertain crushes because I have a 100% failure rate and they tend to somewhat crush me in the process.

Last week was my final exam, ever. My university days are over and I have a nice slice of time where I have nothing at all planned. I am not looking for work right away, my lack of working experience deems me starting off right down the bottom - I'm not in a huge hurry to begin either :).

It is with no surprise that I was in high spirits whilst walking the dog. We went to the park, the dog ran around, I threw his ball for him and savoured the sweet taste of freedom.

In the distance I saw a girl walking her dog, which seemed fairly puppy-like and mischievous. I think nothing more of it. Occasionally I check the proximity to see if her dog will take off after my dog and I have to step in. But no, she walks off and a few minutes later, my dog has had enough and we head home.

Our paths cross again not far away, I took the direct route through the park and she took the looping pathway.

As I approach I decide to try and have a conversation. I am in unusually high spirits and my confidence is doing ok these days. Even if for the chance to meet another local dog owner.

I can talk to almost anyone. Which surprises me, because for years I was not talkative, period. I don't go so well with women I am attracted to though. I tend to become absorbed in what I am doing, which means what I am doing loses traction and then it all falls apart.

So, given that, I had what I could reasonably describe as the best ever conversation with someone I am attracted to.

She laughed at my jokes, actually participated in the conversation (I usually feel like I am interrogating someone, it is off putting). All of this went on for about 15 minutes. She left with a handshake and I found out her name.

If I see her again, I think I will do one of the few things that truly scares me - try to ask her out.

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