Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The results for May

So, May is over and I have some stats to report.

I masturbated a total of 34 times in May. Which is my second best month, only beaten by February with it's mammoth 47.

As I originally stated way back when (although it probably wasn't as clear), I am interested to see if I get a chance to masturbate more when one of my parents is out of the country. I usually have a problem when both are back because one stays up for ages in front of the TV, and I have a lot less privacy.

So, the breakdown for May;

The traveling parent spent 8 days in the country, and 23 days not in the country

Times masturbated whilst in country: 7
Times masturbated whilst not in country: 27

This brings me up to a total of 170 times this year. The percentages are also quite staggering;

% in country: 27.6%
% not in country: 72.4%

It is the 151st day of the year bringing me to 1.13 times / day.

My best day was 4 times.

Now onto June, and the traveling parent is back now, so the first part of this month could be a pretty poor showing! :(

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Richard Lovel said...

When I travel alone I go on masturbation "binges" in the hotel room. I lose count how many times I do it. Then I return home exhausted and drained.