Sunday, May 07, 2006

The latest.

Well, my cold has returned again, I just cannot seem to shake it. As a result, I haven't kept up with the entries as I should have, but I do have an idea for the next essay / piece, which I should hopefully have in for the next sugasm issue.

So, I originally started this to publish the logs I have been making of my masturbation.

April was quite frankly piss weak.

The total for the month was 26
With the other person here: 23
Without: 3

May has started ok, but being sick and burdened by assignments has left me with little spare time, and late nights.

However, the assignments look like they are coming to an end, and the cold is clearing. I usually go out on Sunday night, and then on Monday it has freshened up, so no going out this Sunday. But, the better news is that Sunday afternoon, the person I refer to in my stats is leaving. So, the frequency should pick up a bit, maybe May can compensate for April's lackluster performance.

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