Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sugasm #32


Audioblog Posts 1 and 2 (
First Ever Audio Post (

Funny / Sex News

Alas Poor Yorick, I Blew Him Well (
The Hooters Conspiracy (
League of Super Friends with Benefits (
My Most Embarrassing Sex Moment (

Thoughts on Sex, Sexy Reviews, Sex Advice

5 Senses (
Anonymity (
Cultural Differences (
Masturbation and Ejaculatory Inevitability (
More Pixilated Nudity (
Natural Contours - Ultime (
Sex Tip - From a Men’s Magazine (
Sexual Balance (
You Asked: What Do I Consider Cheating? (

BDSM and Fetish

Bondage Fantasies (
Contemplation of the Lower Navel (
DVD: “And For You I Will Come As Well” (Lupus Pictures) (
Sexual Healing (

Erotic Writing

Climax (
More Sugasm…
Join the Sugasm

The Dirty Couple in Florida (or what we did on our Spring Break) Part 2 (
Fun with the Kama Sutra (
Morning Licks (
Of Blindfolds and Bedmates (
People Watching (
Public Masturbation (
Questions About Etiquette (
Sweet Slut (can also go in BDSM) (
Wine and a Wandering Mind (

NSFW Pics / Photos

Alicia Witt Revisited (
Double HNT (
Four Galleries of Liza from Galitsin News (
Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday! (
Kyla Cole 3 (
Miranda and Steph make love shot by Abby Winters (
Naughty Office (
Original Upskirt Photos Just Released (put under news/announcements?) (
Paulina and Zafrina on Sapphic Erotica (
Threesome Pic (
Xanthia Nude (

Smokin’ Lara cartoon originally posted on the sexy fun blog The Girl Next Door.

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