Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sugasm #33


There Are Some Things Out There… (
Angelique and Ivonne on Sapphic Erotica (
Lea in Lacey Blue by Abby Winters (
Two Galleries of Rookie Babe Hottie Mia (
A Red-headed Peach (
HNT: Two for the Price of One (
Abby Winters: Diana and Fuji (
Exclusive - Justine Joli, Panties (


No Matter Who They Are… (
Conversation with the Lead Burly Dude (

Thoughts on Sex

Festering Degenerates (
Can Someone Be Cheerful and Sexy at the Same Time? (
A Typical Spanking Model? (
Actions and Reactions (
A Solo Career (
Not What It Appears To Be (
Hair (
I Just Wanna Make Love To You - or, American Closet Mystics (Re)Unite! (
A Sticky Situation (
Diddling for Dollars (

More Sugasm…
Join the Sugasm

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Sexy Reviews, Sex Advice

The Big Question (
If You Want Her (or Him) to Swallow… (
There’s a Vas Deferens Between Men and Women (
Advice - Threesomes (part 1) (
Testing a Tyre Paddle (
Sex Toy Review: The Remote Controlled Egg (

Erotic Writing

Teenagers Again (
Eye to Eye (
Say It (
Does This Look Sexual to You? (
Her (
Tell Me (
Gettin’ Neighborly (
My First Gangbang (
A 6 with a 9 Nightcap (
Post-Semester Phone Fuckery (

BDSM / Fetish

Inspired by… Someone (
How to NOT Fuck an Egg (humiliation) (
Humiliating Tiny Dicks Endlessly (
Saturday (
Bathroom Trips (
Adventures in Cookie Peddling (
Will You Pee in my Mouth? (On Fetishes) (
I Like it Like That (
Fiction - Proper Form (
Getting in Touch with the Inner Lizard (
Case Study of a Femme Fatale (

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