Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Photos of unknown purpose

I don't quite remember why I took these photos, but I stumbled across them the other day and thought I might as well post them.

I haven't used my fleshlight much recently, but I want to get back into it, and I will try to take some photos and video if I can manage it and post them here.

Very rarely I have a wank with a condom (sometimes with the fleshlight). I guess one time I took a snap.



Anonymous said...

TAS MAN says:

Welcome back me ole china, them's two chewy shots and no mistake. Hairy hands make light work, as my old school teacher used to tell me as she gave a yank on my scrotum. Gotta love the power of Latex, ding-a-ling-dong!

(Hideous carpet.)

King Of Sex said...

let me borrow that looks fun

wanklogger said...

It is fun, but no way should someone loan you a fleshlight. Eww! :)