Friday, August 07, 2009

Happy Weekend Wanking 9

The Bakers Dozen series is takes the colloquial measurement and delivers 13 loads of cum onto one girl. Taylor Rain is one of the biggest names in porn and she has never failed to make me either hard or cum.

Interestingly enough the bakers dozen measurement (13) was made to guarantee against selling short measure and raising the ire of weights and measures. There is no chance of short measure in this clip, the cum gushes out of everyone onto a expectant, happy face. I wish I was there!

Happy wanking!

Video no longer available, sorry!


Anonymous said...

ANTASM says:

Schipol my nippol! She makes you EITHER hard or cum, WL? Me and my donkey had a good laugh over that one.

wanklogger said...

Yep, thanks. Sometimes both as well.