Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Weekend Wanking 12

I am relatively unaware of Lexi's work. She is very new to me. But I cannot go past those piercing eyes, they cut right into my brain like a hot knife to butter.

I find this video rather unusual, there is next to no speaking. There is next to no noise at all, just the sound of Lexi sucking in an apparent public scene. So even though it is not of the usual porn formula, I like it.

Happy wanking!

Video no longer available, sorry!


Odinist said...

I love this chick, great video mate

wanklogger said...


John said...

vid wont load?

wanklogger said...

I don't quite know what else to say, it works for me, drop me a line!

the eternal list said...

i love lexi

(used to love lucy)

wanklogger said...

I think many people think the same eternal! I know I do!