Saturday, August 08, 2009


I received an email from Heather who told me she was had been a reader of the blog, for some time and that she loves it when I do photos of amateurs and not porn stars. She had been unsure about emailing me, but finally did so.

The photo was taken for this purpose and the banana is "me". You'll see in the video a smear on her photo right from the start, I was so keen to unload over Heather's lovely face that the pre-cum was freely flowing out of me.



Ginger Luvr said...

That is one sexy girl!
Heather I love it!

Cummmer said...

She's sexy! Can you send me the original pic so I can blow a load on her too

wanklogger said...

It's not my place to say. Heather, if you are reading, you have a fan in Cummer! :)

Anonymous said...

top banana!

Anonymous said...

that is just FUCKING HOT

we need more of these heathers in this world

Anonymous said...

I love red heads especially circumcised like yours. Left handed is a fine art & the quantity of spurt would please the most discerning lady.

Maybe I can send you a photo of myself. (How do you feel about wanking over a 53 year old?)

Mrs Mills.

wanklogger said...

Thanks Eternal!

Mrs Mills: Sure! Email me: