Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Weekend Wanking 10

Wifey has been a long time favourite of mine. It's easy to see why:

MILF - Sexy mature women always get me hard
Big Tits - Love 'em
Facials - Always a pleasure to see, and the rarely seen guy is always up for blasting her.

She ticks a lot of boxes :)

Happy wanking!

Video no longer available, sorry!


Anonymous said...

loved the cartoon in the beginning

Anonymous said...

Excellent video - many thanks. I hadn't visited your blog for some time, so have been enjoying catching up with it. Your performance on Zeen II equals that on Alley Baggett in terms of overall excellence - number and power of spurts and volume of spunk. Surely those two are your best. Please do a video on Wifey. I'm sure you could do just as well as the guy in this video.

wanklogger said...

Fantastic idea, I will find a good photo of her ;)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think that the Internet was invented solely so we could all enjoy Wifey. :-) Thank you for sharing that with us!

wanklogger said...

It's like ARPA looked into the future, saw the awesomeness of Wifey and decided this must be shared with the collective wanking efforts of today.

Bless technology :)