Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2007 Wanking Totals

I like to measure things. I do this for all sorts of things, time, volume, distance, frequency. Probably some sort of OCD thing, but of all the quirks to have, it is one of the less unacceptable. A few years ago, I got the idea that I masturbate significantly less when the travelling parent is in country. But, a hunch is not proof. So 2007 marks the second complete year of data collection. The results are much like last year's, with the breakdowns much the same.


y/n for the parent's status: Based on the majority of time. If they leave at 4pm, that is counted as being in country. Likewise, they arrive at 4pm, that is counted as being spent outside the country.

What counts: masturbation, effort provided by myself, devices such as the fleshlight are allowed. The key is that it is done by myself. Must be to complete orgasm. Location, context, time of day is not relevant.

This year, I visited the knocking shop, twice. This does not count.


In case there was any doubt, I truly am a bit of a wonk.

Total for the year: 365
Total while in country: 127 (34.79%)
Total while not in country: 238 (65.21%)

In some symmetry (almost!)
Total weekday: 237 (64.93%)
Total weekend: 128 (35.07%)

So, I averaged 1 a day.


Miss out a chance to lay down some graphs? Never.

Saturday was the best day for wanking, Wednesday the worst.

Pretty sharp decline there. The trend shows decreasing wanking over time. But this is of course skewed by the peak of January and February. Not unexplainable. February has both parents away, so no barriers to wanking. April and November were stressful this year. December was not stressful, just busy. The next graph indicates more on this.

The big one. Some months the travelling parent was in country for the bulk of the month, leading to severely decreased wanking chances. Such as in April and November. August, February and March were great months!

This year I didn't post the month-by-month figures, instead deciding to aggregate them into this one post. I plan to make 2008 the final year of data collection to give 3 years of comparison. I wont start again until I move out in a little while (what a saga that will be)

Someone might notice 365 orgasms for 2007 and think it is a little too clich├ęd. You are partially correct. With a few days left, I saw the looming target and made a bit of an effort to go the distance. This is what gave number 365:

Thanks Eva!


Anonymous said...

Hi my friend!!
R U a statistics student??

Have a new year full of wank!!


Tasman said...

Top wanking!
(I fell well short of your final total.)
Have any of your readers bettered this tally?
Your graphs back-up your practical ability & you are now well on the way to a Masters in Self Fulfillment.

Rae said...

That is sort of cute that you made graphs. I'm thinking I might do that this year...i'll use any excuse to use Excel. :-)

Very "productive" year indeed!

wanklogger said...

Addams: I'm not a statistics student per se. I have had to learn a great deal of stats for my thesis in 2007. So, a bit of it has carried over.

Tasman: No one has sent me figures, it would be interesting to see figures from other people. I am happy to say that last night I made the first step in fixing up my confidence. I'll get there one day :)

Rae: Excel is a gift and a disaster for someone like me. I can conduct impromptu experiments and chart the outcomes very quickly. It's great for that, but it becomes very easy to start charting a great deal of other things. I hope you have a "productive" year yourself!

Sheen V said...

Another excellent year! How did 2007 compare to 2006? What are your wanking goals for 2008? I mean, with all of that data, one would be able to refine and predict what you can do in '08.

wanklogger said...

In 2006, the breakdowns between wanking with the travelling parent in country and not in country were essentially the same. Wanking was vastly skewed in favour of the weekday and I totalled 13 less.

In 2008 I see a possibility for decline as I begin full time work. However, I tend to wank at night anyway, so there may be little effect. If 2008 was going to be much like 06 and 07, I would predict results that are much the same. But with such a big change looming, it is hard to predict with certainty.

Anonymous said...

wank a full year off. top wanking ;)