Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Duvet

I hopped into bed after a shower, and discovered through accident that my duvet feels great. The parents had just left and almost every thought about sex, no matter how minor, has found its mark without difficulty.

I lay back and stretched out as much as I could, my back arching and I could feel all the soreness and stiffness of the day crack and ache its way through. A bit more and I sunk back into my bed with a relaxed composition. I think stretching has to release endorphins, it always feels great having a big stretch.

During the final stretch the underside of my cock rubs against my duvet and to my complete surprise it felt great. Not just "that felt nice", more a tingle that engulfs my cock. I position myself to try this again. I pull the duvet up several inches and fold it over away from me. I shuffle down a bit to meet it.

Now, rubbing yourself against a duvet isn't exactly the most fluid of motions, and it was all quite awkward and clumsy, but damn it felt good. I tried holding the duvet with either hand and rubbing that against myself, or holding it relatively still by placing each hand either side of me and thrusting upwards to meet it.

The orgasm matched my duvet inventiveness by shooting out to the right side, just to keep me on my toes. First time I've managed to dump a load on my right thigh. To be honest, it was no different from my stomach.

The following day I tried again, this time pulling up even more duvet and wrapping it completely around my cock and thrusting into it. This too had the desired effect and I managed to cum "hands free" (I didn't touch myself, only duvet, it sort of counts!)

I was worried about chaffing, getting it anywhere is bad enough, but I couldn't imagine it on my cock. Thankfully, none was found. I'd never considered the duvet before, it was always "just there", but now I see it in an all new light. Sort of like a lazy man's sex toy.


Tasman said...

be useful when your loved one isn't up for it & has fallen asleep alongside you.

Tasman said...

Hands free can be useful when your loved one isn't up for it & has fallen asleep alongside you. (Women are alright but you can't beat the real thing!)

Sheen V said...

I know what you mean! I can't sleep in the nude because of the sensory overload.

wanklogger said...

If I had a loved one, I would be able to compare. But as it stands, I would much rather a loved one than my duvet.

That said, handsfree is a pretty good way of mixing up the life of the solo flyer :)

Anonymous said...

I've been fucking my duvet since I was 11. I find a duck down feather duvet to be the best and duvet cover made from Egyptian cotton with a high thread count. I used to get a hard on, by just going into a bedding store, and I always used to go and feel how soft the duvet was. I now like to fuck my girl friend and the duvet together.
She lies on top of the duvet and its fluffed up between her legs and pussy. So when I thrust I get the feel of the duvet and pussy, the orgasm is amazing!!