Sunday, January 06, 2008

Uma Thurman

Uma is hot, and I think my cock agrees. I hope you like her as much as I did. ;)

This is one of the earlier shots I did and the first with video.



Tasman said...

You like to wank over pics. & videos.

I prefer wanking in front of my partners female friends!

My partner invites them into the lounge where I'm sitting. We all chat for a while & then I start to play with my cock through my pants. My partner explains to them that it's perfectly natural & from thereon, I take out my cock & wank until my hearts content. (It's a fantastic turn-on for all concerned.)

wanklogger said...

That does sound pretty fucking awesome!

I think that is something that I'll have to do before I die :)

Anonymous said...

Uma Thurman gets me quite stiff too!

Just like Tasman, I often get involved with my gf's friends. But why stop at wanking in front of them? Don't miss the opportunity (if it presents itself) to cum on them, or better, get them to join in and wank you. Or suck you. Or if you have really developed a rapport (after a few sessions maybe?) fuck them too. Your gf will enjoy watching!