Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'm back

I've been a little quiet lately.

All laziness :)

I've also caught yet another cold. I am most definitely not having a good year in regards to colds. At least this one is on the way out. So, how goes the wanking.

Not too bad. I took advantage of the precious few days the traveling parent was not around to make the most of the opportunity to wank away. And wank I did!

That particular parent has spent 15 days in the country and 11 out. While in the coutnry I managed a measly 10. While out, I managed 15 times! My original posit that I get more wanking done with less parents around is certainly coming true.

I also had a chance to play with my fleshlight again. I realised that I hadn't used it for about a month and my penis was certainly glad to get back into it. I also started to relax a bit more. I would go through all the trouble of getting it ready, and using it for only a few minutes and then going to the trouble to pack it away.

I of course only last a few minutes because of all the anticipation and excitement of using the thing. If I think of using it in the morning, it is on my mind for the rest of the day, leaving me mostly aroused.

But after the usual lasting of a few minutes only. I felt a little disappointed with myself. But fuck it says I. I sit around for a little bit and wait for the refactory period to end. Watching porn helps to identify the exact second when things are ready to go again.

After that, I would drop a little bit more lube in and go for another round. The second time round I lasted a long longer, actually managing to thrust for a few minutes and still hold on. It was fantastic.

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