Friday, September 29, 2006


For a long time I have been heavily attracted to MILFs. From what I have heard this is a fairly common thing for males in their mid twenties. I don't quite know what it is about them that gets me hard.

Of course, all the letters to my favorite magazines almost always mention the fact that they have more experience. This, apparently is the attraction. I am not so sure. I do agree to some extent, but as a virgin, I have no basis for comparison. I have no way to say that is the case and that females my own age have no clue what they are doing.

Some might argue the Oedipus complex, maybe that is the case, maybe it isn't. I don't know enough about that stuff to make an informed opinion. I'd argue on the side of no however.

No, for me it is all about the looks. I like to see a few wrinkles here and there. A few little flaws in her appearance make it more real for me. Now, obviously in porn, work can be done to clear up many of these things. But in the real world, quite often they are on show.

Take for instance one of my co-workers. She has several decades on me, yet drives me wild. Every time I have to see her in person I am very uncomfortable. The last time I saw her she had tight jeans on and a tight shirt. Now I don't know if she notices the erection trapped in my pants but I think she does. She will lean forward to offer a glimpse of her cleavage. She will bend over and let me get an eyeful of her perfectly rounded ass.

If I would have to pick a place to perv on people it would be the supermarket, all those bored housewives (like porn could ever lie? ;)).

But as to why I prefer to fantasize about older women over any else, I couldn't put my finger on a single reason. If I could pick one it might be true beauty. Let me explain.

Women my own age are masters with make up, they deftly throw it on and often make themselves seem so much different. But when you seem them without it on, they look almost a whole other person. Now I am not naive enough to think that as women mature, they don't use make up any more - far from it. Speaking from great inexperience, I think they use it more subtley. Instead of applying a few coats of the stuff, like it was paint, it is used sparingly. Used to accentuate their natural beauty.

I'd also like to throw in the ability to have a conversation with them. Many women my age are just unable to hold a conversation about anything other than Paris Hilton or shoes. I don't mean to sound mean, but I just don't care! In my experience the older women have something a little more substantial to say.

Or maybe I just plain don't know what I am on about! :P

But anyway, to any older women reading this, if you feel you are no longer able to compete with your younger ilk, you may be wrong. The young, boorish dolt you breeze past on the street may have you in his mind later that night!


Anonymous said...

right on..Milf's are sexy and love to love..keep 'em cumming

Sheen V said...

Right you are on the MILF thing. I, too, have always had a thing for older women, from when I was in my teens to now that I'm in my late 30's. Great blog!

Anonymous said...

I second that - great blog!

Anonymous said...

I would have to argue on the side of experience. You have no idea the difference it makes.

Erotism and sex are mental affairs, based on your fantasies and personality. When you've been there, had kids and pretty much know the stuff you already have gone through the difficult stages of initiation and exploration. And one more thing that drives me wild about MILFs (I date a 35 yr old single mother): they have almost no qualms in bed, nothing is below them. Quite often the average teenage female will shudder with the thought of cum in her mouth or anal sex, these (at least the ones I've been with) go at it with no second thoughts.

That's so refreshing...

Spirit said...
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spookychick said...

what do you mean by mature?


i feel old reading this!

wanklogger said...

I wouldn't consider 30s "mature". I know a lot of porn seems to classify them that way, but I really can't agree with that.

The co-worker I mentioned is 67 years old for reference. I'm also a terrible judge of age, but I would say the 45 onwards I would classify as mature.

Thanks for reading :)

Al Sensu said...

Wow...67! Now in my early 50s I'm as old or older than what most guys think of as MILFs. I'm getting into GILF territory, and it's wierd to think of women of 35 years as younger. But it's great to have a wide range of ages and types you can be attracted to.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, nothing like a nice hot mommy to perv over, especially when they that little bit older ;)

Cosmic Girl said...

I'm a MILF who adores younger men... love to tease and torment them and then make them cum over and over and over. Love to hear how I make them hard and how they think of me while jacking off. Would love to watch you wank on cam sometime.

nick said...

I am 64 and still at it as much as I can, all sex is wonderful and gives such satisfaction!
Eroticism and sexual fun are great!

Anonymous said...

Fantasising over older women usually starts during your first years at school. Remember how your first lady teacher, regardless of age, was a dream come true!
MILFS became the fantasy through the teenage years. I fancied my neighbour. She was a babe. I loved to perv on her underwear on the clothes line & I always tried to glimpse her when she was changing.
Now that I'm older & experienced with nothing to lose, I get off on young guys appreciating my attractive wife. I have even told her that she should take her chance with one of them if the opportunity arises.

Anonymous said...

Just as the above writes, a womans first fantasy begins with their first male teacher.
I remember sitting at the desk with my fingers inside my blue school knickers & rubbing my love button for the first time. I would then allow the boy next to me a smell (or lick) my fingers.
Now that I'm in my fifities, I am immensely attracted to younger guys. When I'm at the public swimming pool, I do my best to be revealing. (Tits half out, pubes just showing.) Quite often I lie on my front perving on a young stud. Just as I did as a child, my finger finds it's way inside my cossie onto my sopping clit.
I want more than this. I want young, hard cock & lots of it before I get too old.
Any offers?

wanklogger said...

You sound delectable!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

my fantasy is being caught wanking by a milf and for her to like it and for us to have sex it would be wonderful. if there are any milfs out there that like young boys i would love to get to know you ;)

wanklogger said...

Oh, me first!

Anonymous said...

This is me!

I've been dating (and fucking) women AT LEAST old enough to be my mother (and preferably a lot older) since I first lost my virginity to a 48-year old when I was 20.

Subject to the added proviso about breasts - no such thing as too big - That's what I alwways go for.