Monday, September 04, 2006

The August totals

August started off great. I managed to get heaps of wanking done.

The total for August was 25, which was equal to July, and the second lowest all told. The breakdown was staggering however. The first 3 weeks of the month, the traveling parent was away, meaning I was free to go full tilt. 21 of those wanks were while they were away. Leaving a measly 4 in the final week of the month.

All up for the year I have 247 wanks under my belt. 79 while the traveling parent is here, and 168 whilst away.

My original posit was that I get more wanking done throughout the year done when I am down a parent. It seems that way so far.

It is the 247th day of the year here. Which makes me on an even 1:1 ratio. My other aim was a 1:1 ratio for the whole year. That's only 118 left for the year and I have made my goal. If I had known yesterday's wank was the tying goal, I would have made it a little more glamorous than standing over the toilet :P

Why can't other challenges in life be so enjoyable? :)

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