Sunday, October 16, 2011

The End

It's been a decision that's been weighing on my mind for a little while, but it's time to end this blog.

It's not been something I decided quickly or easily because I have genuinely enjoyed doing this, but I cannot honestly say that my enthusiasm for it is still there.

I started this in 2006 and am a little blown away that 5 years has passed. In that time my life has had a few milestones. The entire world, rather than a specific person was the first to see my dick. I lost my virginity. I was quite honored when one of my posts was picked as the editor's pick in the now defunct Sugasm. I was flattered when I saw my blog mentioned in the Village Voice. I got started in the whole cumpic scene fairly early with Teri Hatcher being my first target after developing quite an infatuation from watching Desperate Housewives. I've become more confident, I've lost over 130lb (and kept it off), graduated university, got a job and started my career.

But I just cannot find the time or motivation to write or do much else for this blog.

I'll leave everything up, and I'll still be checking my email: wanklogger [at], so drop me an email some time!



Sheen V said...

Thank you for all of your posts! I very much enjoyed your blog and wish you continued success.

Anonymous said...

I will really miss you, WL.


Anonymous said...

Your blog was one of the main ones I looked to for guidance when I started my own one year later in 2007, especially in showing how such a blog could be more than just slapping up pictures. I will always be thankful for that along with all of the great, arousing material you have put up for us for so long. I will miss this place but fully understand that, when something is no longer fun, it's time to move on.

I wish you all of the best with whatever you fill your time with in the future. Thank you!

Wanklogger said...

Thanks all! It's been a fun ride, but like I said, the shine just started to rub off.

I'll still be around, following the blogs via RSS, just not contributing much of my own any more. Private contributions are still a possibility, so email me!

Pornographicus: I'm genuinely flattered that I had such an influence. Your blog is one I follow quite religiously (but quietly, I'm not much of a poster). Running this started to feel a little like work, and I didn't want my last memories to be ones of resentment or frustration. I'd rather end it with good memories. Certainly wasn't a quick or easy decision :/

Keep in touch!

Vane said...

Wow I am so sad to hear this WL! Your photos of me were the best and made me so happy. I will miss you very much. :(


Vane xxx

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this -- I always enjoyed your vids and your impressive cumshots.

Anonymous said...

i noticed you stopped uploading cumpics and got the feeling that maybe you had seen the light so to speak. cause lets not hide the honest fact that any blog centred on jerking on printed pics is one based on sadness and lonliness.
I hope others can learn from your moving on to better things :)

Anonymous said...

I know I'm asking a lot, but do you remember at all where you found picture 257?

She reminds me of my wife and it's fun to pretend she is! ;-)

Wanklogger said...

Sorry, I don't remember!

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