Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Weekend Wanking 102

I couldn't decide between either of these two videos this week, so I put both up! Both girls take huge loads, the one taken on a phone's camera takes her sweet time to dribble it all out. The lucky guy must have absolutely loved watching his partner play with his cum.

Remi gets completely peppered by the guys' buckshot like cum. By the huge smile, it's so obvious that she couldn't get enough :)


Sorry, video no longer available

Sorry, video no longer available


Anonymous said...

Very good, especially the phone camera one, because of the ample volume and thickness of the spunk.

Looking forward to your next video performance, and hoping for another one showing a heavy load and powerful spurts, as for example in Zeen II.

Wanklogger said...

Cheers! Have a look at the latest picture I posted of Carol Cox!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posting! For fans of Wanklogger's videos who've found this site recently, I recommend three earlier videos of his in particular:

Alley Baggett (25 October 2007) - two fantastic videos. In both of them, his first three spurts are so strong they pass right over the photo. But there's still enough in the remaining spurts to make a mess of the photos!

Hot Wife Rio (2 April 2008) - Another example of three fantastic first spurts!

Zeen II (20 July 2009) - All his Zeen videos are great, but in his one he gives us extra value. Spurt after spurt after spurt, all on target this time. Eight in all! Bet he didn't think he had that much spunk in him!!

BTW Wanklogger, you used to tell us how often you wanked. How often are you wanking these days? And how long does each session normally last?

Wanklogger said...

Thanks for the review. Have you watched all of the videos I've posted?

I would guess about the same, but I stopped taking note when a few years of results showed the same thing. I will consider taking stats again for comparison if I ever get into a long-term relationship.

Anonymous said...

I must have watched most of them. I'll have to check. It'll be a pleasure!! My "review" wasn't intended to be scientific. I'm sure I'll be able to add another favourite or two!!

When I first found your videos I thought "I could do that", perhaps even improve on your performances. But when I got down to it and made some videos of my own I soon realised that it's more difficult than it looks, which increased my respect for your efforts. I'll tell your more about that, when I'm not in a hurry, as now.

Wanklogger said...

Thanks! I'm interested in what you have to say.

What did you find was difficult about doing videos?

Anonymous said...

Several things! I thought it would be smart to have the photo a bit further away from me on the table, to make it an easier target. It was, but that meant having to use a wider lens angle, which reduced the size of the photo and my prick in the video, and getting a closeup view is important.

Also, part of the sexiness of the video is seeing the cock being wanked right over the photo (right in her face or up against her arse).

Similarly, putting the photo on the floor and kneeling in front of it was no good as the view of the picture wasn't nearly as clear. Also, it was more hit and miss with the spunk that way.

Then, to get a real closeup, I tried being clever and put the camera on a tripod little more than a foot above the table. That didn't work - there was too much of my hand in shot, and I had a blocked view of the photo while I wanked. Plus issues with lighting and shadows.

In the end, I did it just as you do, but the results weren't better. Perhaps I'm too my much of a perfectionist. I even seemed to fret too much about the choice of photo.

One shot I *was* pleased with was a side-angle one I tried (again, inspired by you). I figured that there was no point in having the photo laying flat on the table, as it would hardly be seen in the video, so I put it upright in a frame. It was still not seen in the video (being edge-on to the camera) but made a much easier target, and I judged the distance just right, hitting the upper part of the photo with several good spurts, which then nicely dripped down it, so making a great mess. Unfortunately, I lost the card with that one on.

So, side angle great, but it doesn't capture the excitement of wanking *over* a photo.

In the end, I decided I was happy wanking without filming myself, but still enjoy having a look at your videos.

I'll get round to reviewing more of your videos sometime.

Wanklogger said...

Wow, thanks! That is super detailed, much more than I was expecting. I guess I have sort of lucked out with these videos. I pretty much used the first thing to come to mind and haven't changed too much.

I've done one video on an angle from the front (private for a reader) and that came out pretty well. I'd add it as a more regular thing, but I don't have two cameras. Makes it difficult!

I hope you like future videos! :)