Monday, May 02, 2011

The Cleaning Lady

For quite a while my parents have employed the services of a cleaning lady. We've had a few since we started, and for the most part I am not there while they have come round. It's only been on a day off or when I am unwell that I see them. For the most part, I've had a very amiable non-friendship with all of them.

Sadly, this does not happen. 

But Janice has been a little different. She messes with my dog (which he loves), and has a devilish sense of humor. Janice is about 5'10", an older woman, has shoulder length black hair, is of average build, average breasts. She's just a regular, average person, but with a very cute face.

In the last few months though, I've noticed after she had been through the house, there were tiny little changes. Things left a little different, things a little ajar, things messed with. My first thought was concerning - thinking she was pinching stuff, but that was not the case. I put it down to it being easier to clean up if things were moved. And I thought no more of it.

The other day I returned home from a trip - I'd spent the entire weekend partying it up across the other side of the country. I'd had a blast, but was exhausted, the good news for me was I still had a day's leave so I could get rested to face the drudgery of work the following day.

I woke up a few hours later and felt pretty damn horny. I think I had non-stop dreams of the hot flight attendant on the flight home. I woke up with a very stiff cock and my mind full of thoughts of her. I pulled off my clothes, grabbed a porn mag, and started to stroke away. I was getting closer and closer to orgasm when the door burst open.

I lay there, stunned for a second, then grabbed at my duvet to regain some dignity.

"Don't cover up on my account"
"Or stop"
"Ok then..."

Was Janice really asking me to keep jerking off in front of her? It seemed like it, but I had nothing to really go on. Maybe she just felt that masturbating was important and shouldn't be interrupted? So I let go of the duvet and sunk back into my bed.

"I finally get to see what generates so many used tissues. I come here every 2 weeks and every time I come into your room I look through your bin. You masturbate a lot."

Janice takes a few steps into my room.

"I also look at the leftovers from your hobby...the pictures. What do you do with them?"

Janice takes a few more steps in and my heart is thumping. Just what on earth is going to happen? She unbuttons a few buttons on her shirt, her breasts are threatening to spill out.

"I put them on the internet for other people to look at, some just between me and the person who emailed"

Janice parts her shirt a bit to let both her tits out, and my cock grows at the magnificent sight.

"I'm glad an old woman like me can have this effect on you"

My mind was racing, 24 hours ago I was nursing a brutal hangover at the airport, now Janice the cleaning lady is sitting next to me on the side of my bed, after catching me mid-wank.

She leant over and drooled out a long strand of spit onto my cock, while grabbing and starting to stroke. Janice swirled the spit all around, making my cock very slippery and stroked hard. I reached out with my hand and started to play with her tits. I squeezed her nipples which made her stroke harder and faster.

Janice switched hands so she could move closer and I sucked on her tits, flicking her nipples with my tongue. While still sucking, I ran my hand over her ass and started to rub her pussy. I could feel the tiniest damp spot through her pants, but she reached out and pulled my hand away.

"I'm married"
"I can't"
"But this is ok?"
"I can stop..."

And I let my exploratory hand slink away back to her tits. She spat on her hand and started to milk me even harder.

I was so close, I started to groan.

"Cum for me, lets see why you use so many tissues"
"That's best done in there (while pointing to her slightly larger damp patch)"
"Nice try"
"Or on your tits"

Janice moved down and tickled the tip of my cock with her nipple.  She kept stroking and it finally came. My muscles tensed up, my back straightened out and I felt the cum coursing through my cock and shoot out. A great big arc forms and lands on my collarbone. A stream of jizz ran from my neck, down my chest with a pool just north of my pubes. A tiny drop hung off her nipple which she wiped up with her finger and put on her tongue.

"My husband doesn't like it when I eat his cum"
"What a fuckwit, have all you want"

I grab my cock and give a gentle squeeze, a white blob rises to the top and Janice wraps the end of her lips around the very tip of my cock. I feel her tongue swirl past and claim the last of my load. She brings her head up and swallows the small blob, smiling.

She fixed her shirt and looked at the line of jizz on me.

"The tissues make sense now"
"Next time I won't need any. You are having more than 3 drops"

And with a grin, she left my room. The last time I saw Janice was about 7 months ago, I hope the timetable gods are kind once again.

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