Thursday, November 25, 2010

Heather - Chapter 2

Since Steve didn't have to work that day, he was dwelling on what had happened. He had never met a girl like Heather before. She seemed so open to anything and talked like a sailor. He doubted that he could shock her with anything, so he determined that he would be as open with her than he had ever been with anyone ever he stayed naked all day long.

Every guy usually watches porn, but it's usually a dirty secret that they hide from everyone, even other guys. Steve had never admited that he even watched porn until today, but he loved it. Now that he had been totally bowled over by this fiesty redhead, he decided to see how far he could push the envelope with Heather.

He had a satellite hooked up to his TV and he subscribed to 3 different hardcore porn channels. These were not tame channels like Spice or Playboy either. These channels showed everything including close-up penetrations and cum-shots. It was nice that at any time he could switch over to a channel and see some quality fucking going on. He turned the TV to one of the channels and was greeted with a big-titted blonde giving a very nice blowjob. He left it on and put down the remote, knowing that at any moment Heather would be home and come over to use the bathroom.  

Just as Steve put down the remote, Heather walked in. "Hey stud, see you're still naked...just how I like my men" she said with a giggle. She walked up to him and gave him a big kiss, snaking her tounge around his lips and into his mouth.

She was still wearing her uniform and it was the first time that Steve found out that Heather was a nurse. He felt a little self conscience standing there naked with her fully clothed...and as he glanced at the TV with the porno playing on it. It was a close-up of a very wet pussy fucking up and down on a huge cock. The pussy belonged to the big-tited blonde who obviously loved what she was doing.

"Wow, nice shot" Heather said. "That's the kind of porn I love"!

"Yeah, I've got satellite TV, so I get channels like this" Steve said sheepishly. As he was talking to Heather, she walked into the bathroom, pulled down her pants and panties and sat down on the toilet and started to pee in front of him.

"Oh that's so cool, so you don't have to rent anything" Heather said as she peed. "I don't have any videos either, but I usually go to the adult bookstore down the street here and just watch movies in the booths there...which is always fun".

Heather finished peeing and got up and started stripping. Soon she was standing there fully naked. "That feels better. I hate clothes" she said with a laugh. She walked back up to Steve and put her arms around him and gave him another long, deep kiss again. Her hands rubbed her way down to his bare ass as his hands caressed her back. Steve felt her tounge snake around his own as he thought that this was as deep a kiss that he had ever had. Sure, he had kissed girls like this before, but only after they had dated for a while. This girl he had barely just met.

"Ok, lay down on the bed...we have time now to do this right" Heather said. "My cunt has been juicing all day long thinking about you and that fat cock of yours."

Steve quickly laid down on the bed, knowing that he couldn't refuse Heather anything. Heather climbed up and then stood up on the bed, over Steve. "You like my body baby? Does it look good to you?" Heather said, while she stood over him. Steve just knodded yes.

Heather turned around and stood with both feet on either side of his head. She then slowly squatted until her pussy was inches from Steve's face. He thought it was beautiful, with the small patch of red hair and the gorgeous big, fat cunt lips that surrounded a gaping, open fuckhole. Her asshole being a light, puckered pink also beaconed to him. The smell of her pussy again effected that primal, animal part of his brain which in part made his cock start dripping pre-cum.

"I think we're connected. One smell of my cunt and your cock jumps to attention" Heather said. "Just like a stallion getting a sniff of a mare in season". She lowered her pussy fully down on Steves face and he breathed in her aroma fully. Her fuckhole was completely wet and open as his nose entered it. He stuck his tounge out and gently licked the folds of her cunt, quickly finding the clit. Heather slowly moved her hips as she ground her twat into his face.

She was still on her feet as she squat over him. "Oh yeah, thats nice. Your tongue feels sooo good on my clit....I'm gonna cum any second....too much going on...between watching your dripping dick here...people fucking on the TV...and you eating my cunthole....oh god....stick your tongue in my hole..." she said with halting breath.

Steve stuck his tongue fully into her pussyhole as Heather started fucking up and down on it. His nose was brushing against her puckered asshole as she humped his tongue. He licked all around inside the walls of her cunt, tasting the squishy, gooey juices as they flowed out of her.

Heather was now bouncing up and done, almost hurting Steve's chin and tongue. "Here I come...I'm cumming...oh god....oh shit...." she grunted. She stopped bouncing and ground her whole pussy into his face as she came. Steve felt her fuckhole grip and suck at his tongue which amazed him due to the size of her hole. He sucked and licked up all the extra cunt juice that came out of her. "Uhhhggg....uhhggg.." Heather said, reduced to only grunts and breaths as she came.

As her pussy slowed in it's spasms, she rolled off of Steve's face and lay next to him, totally out of breath. "Oh god, that was's been a while since I've cum like that....thank you baby, that was so nice" she said.

Steve's cock was so hard and leaking pre-cum. He absent mindedly reached down and stroked it a little, to releave a little pressure. Heather noticed him doing that.  "Go ahead, jerk your cock for me" she said. "I love seeing a guy jack off". She perched herself up so she could see, then said "Why not stand up and do it, then I could see it better."

Steve, feeling a little embarassed, was determined to be open as he promised himself he would. So he got up and stood at the base of the bed. Heather also got up and sat down on the end of the bed, looking right at his cock. He began to slowly pump his cock, trying to relax and give Heather a good show. He had to admit that it was a turn-on having her look at his cock while he masturbated himself. He knew he had a nice cock, so he was proud that she was enjoying watching it.

Heather never took her eyes off of his cock. She saw it dripping more pre-cum now as he pumped it with his hand. "You like jacking off in front of me, don't you baby" she said. "You feel totally exposed don't you...pumping that big cock of yours. I didn't get a chance to see it shoot this morning since you dumped your load in my fat cunt, so I want to see you squirt now. Come on baby, squirt that sperm all over me".

Steve was jerking his cock faster now and his hips were slowly pumping to the feeling he was experiencing. Heather watched totally facinated as he masturbated for her, then said "Your cock looks a little dry, here, why not lube it up with my cunt just a little" as she laid back and spread her legs high and wide.

He stepped up to the edge of the bed and sank his huge hard-on into her very squishy sounding cunt. As he pumped his cock in, her hole let out her signature pussy-fart. He fucked her pussy around 5 or 6 times then pulled out again. His cock was covered in Heather's girl-cum and was all slick and shiney.

When Steve started to jack off again, it made wet juicy sounds from all the wetness of Heather's fuckhole. It felt so much better to him now as he continued on his masturbation demonstration.  "Oh yeah baby, that's better isn't it. My cunt really coated your dick nicely. Now let me see that sperm come shooting out." Heather said as she leaned forward for a better look.

Steve jerked faster, feeling her pussy juice lubing his dick. Although he had shot a huge load earlier that day, thinking about Heather and the nudist club had produced another large quantity of semen in his low hanging balls. He felt so dirty and exposed jerking off in front of someone, which he had never done in his life. But he liked it. He was feeling that perhaps he was a closet exhibitionist. The cum slowly crept up his huge prick, making him feel like he had to piss yet holding it back to the breaking point. His cockhole was dripping now and Heather cupped her hand below to catch the big gobs then she brought them up to her mouth and licked them from her hand. "Mmmmmm...told you I loved pre-cum. Now it's time to pump out the real thing!"

This sent Steve over the top and he began to cum. As it sometimes happens when he was very excited, when he began to cum it didn't start was as if the first 2 or 3 spurts were right on top of each other. So when he did finally squirt, it was in one long stream of thick semen that peed out of his cock onto the floor in front of him. That was followed by 3 other big spurts of cum which shot out and hit Heather in the face and hair...then a few smaller ones afterwards.

Heather's eyes were wide, she couldn't believe the amount of cum that had squirted out of him. "I think I'm in love" she said with a laugh. "You have no idea how great you would be if you were in porno with a dick like that and the ability to cum as much as you do!" She pulled him close so she could lick and suck off the cum from his cock, then pulled the big streams of cum from her cheeks and nose, licking it from her fingers. All with a big grin on her face.

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