Monday, November 29, 2010

15 things you didn't know about me

With this blog, I've largely focussed on just one segment of my life. And that is pretty much the way I am going to keep it. 

However, I've made a few friends from this and the discussion is not exclusively about masturbation or cumpics. So, in case anyone was wondering or interested in some random, non-masturbation related facts about me, here are 15...
  1. I rescue stranded insects.
  2. I have incredibly vivid nightmares.
  3. I am an atheist.
  4. I hold anti-authoritarian views. Yet, I work for the Government.
  5. I have been banned from a public place (and then let back in).
  6. I am not very good at multiplying by 4.
  7. I startle very easily.
  8. I am a good cook, but do not enjoy it.
  9. I don't like eating outside.
  10. I talk very loudly.
  11. I swing on every chair I sit on, even chairs with wheels.
  12. I have only lit one match in my life. I burnt myself and have never lit another one.
  13. I have tiny, messy handwriting.
  14. I am a skeptic, but like to read my horoscope each day.
  15. I did exceedingly poorly at high school, but exceptionally well at university


Anonymous said...

You have all the attributes of a wanker!

wanklogger said...

Haha :)