Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Heather - Chapter 1

I've always liked this short, 3 part story. It's pure fantasy, and I (like many I suspect) would love it if I was Steve. I didn't write any part of it, and whenever I want to read it, I have a cock-deflating time searching for the damn thing. So posting this is partly selfish - I can find it easily again!


Steve was a tad nervious. He had agreed to go to the nudist club that his neighbor had invited him to, but now that he was finally here, he wasn't sure it was a good idea.

Heather, his 25 year old neighbor, had moved in the studio apartment next to his a month ago, and had seen each other in the hall quite a few times and had engaged in small-talk. Steve had always thought that Heather was very hot looking, but way out of his league.

One very hot day while Steve was just getting up he heard a knock on the door. He opened it and saw Heather standing there wrapped in a towel and kind of dancing in place.

"Hi Steve, sorry to bother you" she said. "But my bathroom is being worked on all week and I really need to pee, can I use your bathroom?"

"Of course, not a problem" Steve said, his heart and cock giving him a little jolt at seeing such a beautiful woman standing there with only a towel on.

"Oh thanks, didn't know what I was going to do" she said as she walked past him straight to the bathroom. "They've been working on all week on the shower and can't find the leak at all..." She kept talking the whole time as she walked into the bathroom. Without closing the door to the bathroom, she simply removed her towel and sat on the toilet and started to pee.

Steve was totally shocked when he saw her lith, naked body. Heather had fiery red hair, almost perfectly formed tits with very nice nipples. He guessed they must be about a large B or small C cup. He also caught a quick glipse of the same color red in a very small strip right above her pussy before she sat down.

Heather seemed totally oblivious about herself being naked and kept talking while she was openly peeing right in front of him. Steve was getting a bit excited and not really hearing what she was saying.

"Hell-LO?" Heather said, bringing Steve out of his shock. "I'm sorry, I forget sometimes where I am. I'm a nudist and don't really think one should hide what is totally natural, but I guess it's a shock to some if they're not aware". As she was saying this, she was taking up some toilet paper and Steve again caught a quick glimpse at between her legs as she wiped dry her pussy. He didn't see much except that it was obvious that she was hairless down there except for the bright red strip of pubic hair above.

She stood up and bent over to pick up her towel and Steve got a great shot of Heather's nicely shaped ass. "Wow, really, never met a nudist before. I mean, I've talked about it with different girlfriends, but I guess they were all uptight about trying it out"

Heather stood there still naked holding the towel, "Oh, you should try it, it's great. So free feeling and it gets rid of a lot of hang-ups right away" she said.

Steve was starting to get uncomfortable standing there because he could feel his cock getting harder and harder while he talked to her. It was especially uncomfortable because he had a rather large cock, which was slightly longer than 8" and very thick at 6" it was quite hard to hide when it was erect.

"You should come out to the nudist club I belong to, you'd love it" Heather said. "It's a nice place. It's not an outdoor club, it's all indoor, but it's VERY big." She continued as she was walking toward the door. "If you like, I could take you there this weekend".

"I don't know, don't know if I'm ready for something like that." Steve said, trying in vain to force his dick to deflate.

"Well, you can try it by yourself here in your apartment, see if you like it" Heather said as she wrapped the towel around her body again. "Also, could you do me a favor, they're going to be working on my bathroom all week, would you mind if I used yours during that time? You could just leave your door unlocked if you like, we're the only ones on this floor anyway. And it's just for the week."

"Sure, if you need it" Steve said, not sure what he was agreeing to.

"Great, then I guess I'll see you later. And really think about that invite to the nudist club". Heather said as she was walking out the door.

When the door closed, Steve wasn't sure if he had been dreaming or not. He looked around his studio apartment...which was small. Only one room with small kitchen nook and a bathroom off to the side. His big bed was unmade and rumpled up, clothes were strune across the he felt just a little embarassed as he didn't want anyone thinking he was a slob.

Quickly he started picking up his clothes and straightening up his bed since Heather would be in and out and he didn't want her thinking he was a slob. As he was picking up his clothes, he was hoping his cock would get soft, but it was no use. It was so hard right now it was hurting, and Steve knew the only way he could stop the hurt is to jack off. With the vision of Heather's sexy body flowing through his mind he knew it had to be very soon.

Thinking of what Heather had suggested to him, to go to the nudist club with her intrigued him. He knew that she was still way out of his league, but he did like the idea of seeing her naked again. So with that thought in mind, he stripped naked while still picking up his apartment. His huge cock swung free and stuck straight out, very hard and thick.

Steve had certainly been naked before, but the thought of going naked in front of others made him even harder. He feared that may be a problem as just the thought of going naked had him hard, how would it be really in front of others. He didn't want to be laughed at, or worse, shunned by the other nudists there as he was sure he had read somewhere that was a breach of ediquite.

As he was about to pop in a porno movie and relieve the large amount of sperm that had built up in his heavy balls, the door opened and in walked Heather again. Steve quickly grabbed a small towel that was laying on the bed and covered his crouch.

"Wow, you took my advice pretty quickly" Heather said. "Didn't I tell you it was fun"? She was wearing a towel again but dropped it right away. "Sorry to come back so soon, hope I didn't interupt anything" she said with a slight smile as she glanced down at the small towel trying to cover his very large cock.

"No no, wasn't doing anything, just cleaning up the place. Didn't you want you thinking I was a slob or anything"

"Oh don't worry about that, I was in a family of 7 people...the whole house was a mess all the time. My poor Mom had a hell of a time" She was standing there still looking Steve up and down. Although Steve acted like he was dumpy looking, he was really a very nice looking guy that was in excellent shape. "You know, you don't have to hold that towel in front of you, I've seen my share of dicks."

"Well, I'm know...excited" Steve mumbled.  "Ok, I've seen my share of hard dicks then...don't worry, it's almost impossible to offend me". She said as she went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. "Don't mind me, I have to take a shower if that's ok with you...just go on and do what you were doing".

Steve thought to himself that yeah, you would say that if you knew what I really was about to do. Reluctantly he dropped the towel away and displayed his cock...big butterflies were in his stomach as he did this, wondering what Heather would think when she saw.

As Heather let the water heat up she walked back out and her eyes went right to Steve's very large and very hard cock. "My, you're a big boy aren't you" she smiled...which made Steve get really beet red and embarassed. Heather noticed this and tried to ease his mind. "Relax" she said, "you've got a great body and an even better cock, don't be ashamed to flaunt it".

Steve still felt a little self conscience though, but tried to play it off. "I always read that erections were frowned upon at nudist resorts".

"They usually are, but the club I go to feels that it's a natural thing, and that it's no big deal" she said. "The best thing to do if you feel embarassed by it is to just masturbate and that usually takes care of it".

"You mean there are guys just standing around masturbating there"?

Heather laughed "No, not at all. I mean, they usually just go off in private to take care of themselves. Besides, no guys are allowed in the club by themselves. They have to be accompanied by a woman. They don't want a bunch of creepy guys hanging around oogling the naked women".

"Ah, that makes sense I guess. How do you get in then" Steve asked.

"Single women are allowed. Which is how I get in. I used to date a guy that was a nudist and we would go together, but he moved away a few months ago" she said. "Anyway, I have to take a shower and get to work...I'll be out of your hair in a few".

She glanced down and noticed a huge pearl drop of pre-cum seap out of Steve's cock-hole and drip down on the carpet. "And it looks like you really need a release soon" she laughed. "Guess I'll be late to work this morning...when a big beautiful cock like yours is hard and dripping in front of me, my cunt won't keep bothering me until it's stuffed with it" she giggled.

Steve could hardly believe his eyes and ears. Here was this totally hot woman getting ready to fuck the shit out of him...and he hadn't been laid in quite a long time. "You're serious" he asked, not sure if he was dreaming.

Heather walked over and got down on her knees in front of his bobbing cock. "Does this answer your question" she said as she put her hands on his ass and pulled his dripping dick into her mouth and started sucking. As she sucked, more pre-cum dribbled out of his cock-hole and she licked and swallowed it all.

"Mmmmm" she groaned, "I just love pre-cum, tastes so good. Your cock is so big" she said as she pumped him in front of her face. "I can barely get it into my mouth...can't wait to squat my fuckhole down on it" she moaned.

"Wow, never met a girl that talked like you" Steve moaned.

"I told you, I'm open about everything. A lot of guys say I'm really a man traped in a woman's body. You know, I love sex, I love watching porn...stuff like that".

"Wow, you like porn too" Steve said as Heather started sucking on his cock again. "One of my clients is a porn producer...he sends me all of his new DVDs...I have a ton of them". His hips started pumping involentarily as Heather mouth-fucked his cock.

"You know someone in the porn industry" Heather said excitedly. "I've always wanted to get into porn, but just never knew how to go about it". She continued to pump his cock into her face as she talked. "Do you think you could introduce me to him? I'll make it worth your while" she said with a smile on her face as she looked at his enomous dick.

Steve groaned and pumped his hips a little "with the way you suck cock, you could ask me for anything you wanted".

Looking at the clock she noticed how late it was "Wow, didn't know how late it was getting, we better just cut right to the fucking" she said as she walked over to the bed.

Heather laid back on the bed and spread her legs and brought her knees up to her head. Steve now had a total view of her pussy. It was totally bare except for the strip of red pubic hair above. Her cunt was very engorged and fleshy, with a total gaping hole.

"As you can see, I like big cocks...they really stretch me out" Heather said. "Come on and dump your load in me, it's gonna have to be a quicky".

"You don't want me to wear a condom" Steve asked.

"I'm on the pill, and I HATE condoms" Heather said. "I like the feel of sperm squirting up inside me".

As Steve walked up to the bed he could smell the very strong aroma of her wet pussy which engorged his cock even more and triggered a primal instinct in his brain. As Steve mounted her, he placed the head of his dick right at the gaping hole of her pussy and pumped it inside. It was like hot butter around his cock.

As his cock pumped into her fuckhole, it let out a loud pussy-fart and Heather moaned "Oh...get used to cunt farts a lot around big cocks like yours...mmmm...come on, I want to feel your balls slap up against my asshole".

Steve was in heaven. Never before had he had a girl that could take all of his cock into her pussy. He'd always hit bottom before his whole cock was inside. But with Heather, his had felt something he'd never felt before...his entire cock inside a wet cunt. As he pumped he could feel her pussy start to spasm around him.

"Oh...shit I'm gonna I cum.....oh...ohhhh" Heather moaned. She didn't scream, but her eyes closed tight and her head rolled back as she grabbed his ass and pulled his cock totally into her squishing cunt.

"Oh shit...oh god...oh my god....that felt great" Heather breathed into his shoulder as her pussy kept griping around his cock. "I love being pumped by a big have no idea....that was so good".

Steve kept up his steady pistoning of his cock. He would withdraw his whole dick until just the tip lay at her cunthole, then plunge it all the way back in until he felt his damp balls slap against her asshole. Each time he would pump back in, her twat would let out a loud pussy-fart and he would groan each time he heard it. The sound was intoxicating to he knew it was because of his big cock.

Heather grabbed around his waist and said "ok, I know you're close to cumming, you were close to squirting before I even started sucking on you because I saw that big drop of pre-cum ooze out of your dick...go ahead baby, dump that load in my cunt".

"I have to warn you" Steve said. "I cum quite a bit...good thing you're about to take a shower".

"Oh baby" Heather moaned, "you're my dream come true! A handsome bald guy with a great body, huge dick, loves porn and cums a lot...what more could a girl want?!" she giggled.

Steve began to pump his cock faster into the buttery cunthole. He could feel the cum surging up his cock and at last he couldn't hold back any longer...he shoved his cock deep. Feeling and hearing one finaly pussy-fart escape around his dick he began to shoot. One...three...six big squirts of sperm game gushing out of his piss-slit, bathing Heather's cuntal walls with thick, gooey semen.

"Good god, it feels like you're peeing sperm right in my cunt" Heather smiled. "Good thing I'm on the pill, you just filled me up with enough cum for eight babies".

Steve was breathing very hard, but with a huge smile. "Told you, I've always cum a lot...guess it's just genetics". He pulled his cum covered cock out and watched as her pussy oozed out a big gob of semen. "Guess you better hit that shower now, you're a mess".

"Yes, plus I'm so late" Heather said, getting up and feeling Steve's cum run down her legs. "Did you want to go with me tomorrow to the nudist club? I don't have to work, do you?"

"No, I'm off again tomorrow. I'll give it a try" Steve said...still thinking he was dreaming.

Heather was stepping into the shower "Great! You'll love it!"