Monday, August 23, 2010

More Fleshlight

Some time ago I posted a single photo of me using my fleshlight. I've somewhat neglected it for a while, it's just seemed like a lot of effort to get it out, ready and to clean up afterwards.

A few weeks ago I went on a short trip and had the foresight to bring it along with me. With nothing but time to enjoy and an awesome hotel room, I made excellent use of it.



Anonymous said...

I notice in vid2 your foreskin is not pulled all the way back, but in vid3 your foreskin is all the way back when you pull out and are cuming. So I was wondering if the fleshlight has enough grip to do that for you - like a nice pussy will or a head job or hand job will?

Also, when I wank and want bring on cuming faster, I stroke the top of my cock and knob, rubbing a forefinger firmly underneath at the base of the glans. Can you get that same effect from the Fleshlight?

wanklogger said...

I think it comes down to the amount of friction and lube (vital with a fleshlight) and the combination of the 2. The two vids are from 2 sessions, so different amounts of lube each time.

It is tight enough to grip quite tightly, or be quite slippery. There is also the end cap of the thing which you can adjust the amount of suction. With the cap on tight it holds on TIGHT. With the cap off completely you can feel every single ridge in the thing (if you get yours with a texture).

I've got one with an anal opening and an 'ultra tight' inside, which as you can imagine is really tight.

You sort of can. I've found you can get something similar with the end cap off, my foreskin pulled back as far as it will go, lubed up a lot and just thrusting the head (not shaft) in and out. Either way, it feels great!

Sheen V said...

Great videos!

wanklogger said...

Thanks Sheen!