Sunday, August 22, 2010


A few months ago I found myself in hospital for a week. I wasn't looking forward to this visit, mainly due to the relatively extended recovery time. I went in mid week and by the end of the week I was starting to get a bit bored. Daytime TV is absolutely terrible, I have no idea how unemployed (by choice) people do it. Having to put up with that shit should be motivation enough to get a job.

To my dismay, but not my surprise I struck out in the nurse lottery. All of my nurses were pleasant, and did a great job, but the whole hot nurse fantasy would have to be fulfilled some other time.

I was staying at a small, local hospital. So small that I represented half the patient population over the weekend. This gave all 12 of the nurses absolutely nothing to do. From what I understand, the other patient spent most of their time asleep. While I spent most of my time getting bored and causing trouble in the room. The end result was a lot of visits from bored nurses who wanted someone to chat to. Since I wasn't in a position to go anywhere, I happily chatted away the time.

It was late on Saturday night and a fierce storm was raging outside. If this was any other weekend, I'd be out on the town with some friends, getting drunk and not remembering what I was doing. I got a reasonably cool nurse that night and the conversation ranged from what I would be doing that night if I was out, what it is like working at this hospital, how long she had been a nurse, the weather, local sports teams. The usual sort of stuff.

She wasn't drop dead gorgeous, but she wasn't ugly and I think she would have been quite attractive in her younger days.

We continued on for a bit longer, she had to go and attend to nurse adminitrivia stuff a few times and she took the various readings from me when needed.

I should probably say that even though I hadn't had a wank since I had entered hospital, I had no desire to at all. I couldn't really move, I was sore and I just didn't have any inclination to. Besides which, since I was not really mobile, how would I deal with the obvious logistic problems?

She started to wind up the conversation and asked the following: "Would you like a towel?". I didn't understand, there was a mountain of towels in the bathroom. What the hell would I need another one for?

"There are heaps in the bathroom, I think I'll be right"
"Maybe you'd like one here, just in case"

Then what she was getting at dawned on me, and she left one on the chair next to my bed. She said she would be back around 2am for the next set of readings and left me alone.

I wanted to have a wank, the more I cleared through the lack of motivation from sitting in hospital, the more I wanted to, so I thought I would give it a go. I wasn't sure how good of an idea this was as I was still quite sore, but I could feel my cock stirring and when that happens, critical thinking tends to stop.

I managed to get myself in position and pulled my sheets, down exposing my cock to the warm stream of air from the vent in the roof. It had been such a long time since I had jerked off that the first squeeze pushed a huge blob of precum out, which slid down the side of my cock. I picked up the pace and despite a few over ambitious strokes which caused a few twinges of pain from my operation, it felt great.

Since I hadn't jerked off in a while it was not long at all until I was ready to blow, I could feel the inevitable coming, my pelvis tightened up and the first of several massive streams of cum oozed out my cock. The final squeeze pushed a little more out, all pooling at the base of my cock.

I went home a few days later and began the long recovery. Wanking every day of course!


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I'm sure she would have helped!

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It would have been welcome that is for sure.

Anybody know what the standard procedure is for nurses who encounter horny patients?