Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lucy Pinder

Just like Jill Kelly, I can't believe I haven't posted my work on Lucy! Lucy isn't a common celeb where I am, I understand in the UK she is quite well known. Those tits are just heavenly.

Dreaming about cumming in cavernous cleavage and watching my goo slide down it has provided much inspiration.

I'd love to titty-fuck her for real and I would be very pleased if the outcome was the same as below!



HankySpanky said...

You gave that horny cocktease what she was asking for, good work Sir!

Anonymous said...


Ahh A complete package!
Great ,impressive work :)

Now?.....let us find her and make an offer LOL.

Best G~

Anonymous said...

nice soaking

Anonymous said...

My husband used to enjoy wanking over pictures of Lucy before he had his arms amputated. Now he just sits there with a permanent boner while I waft around the house in my French maid's outfit.

Mrs Mills.

wanklogger said...

I think the day Lucy finally drops her panties, very little work will get done and sales of tissues will sky rocket

wanklogger said...

Mrs Mills: That's great.