Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Jill Kelly

I can't believe I never posted my photo of Jill Kelly! I don't think there is much I can say about her. She is sexy, has heavenly tits, and the number of times I've wanked while thinking of fucking her from behind is incalculable.

I remember the night I made this, I was really horny. It shows too - 8 spurts, and a rare groan from me!



Anonymous said...

nice semening

hairy2palms said...

very good! I have jerked off countless times with Jill's videos and it is nice to know someone who admits doing the same. Happy stroking!

Anonymous said...

Oh, man--the video's not working for me. Would love to hear your rare groan.

wanklogger said...

Anon: Don't really know what to say there. It seems to work for me and I haven't heard back from other people about technical problems.

Drop me an email. :)