Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Weekend Wanking 5

Briana Banks, it's a name that says so much. Briana is in my mind a brilliant porn star. Her scenes are always enthusiastic, slutty and cum filled. I don't remember the title of the film, but one scene in particular had me wanking furiously. It featured Briana sitting outside, playing with herself when some guy just appeared. They fucked for a while, but before the guy unloaded over her face, she squirted out a load of girlcum. Loved that scene.

Happy wanking!

Video no longer available, sorry!

1 comment:

big_cum_squirts said...

Awesome vid! Briana seems to get nastier all the time! Made me nice & stiff anyway...imagining I was there to fill her holes and cum all over her too! Thanks for posting!