Monday, July 31, 2006

Sugasm #40

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Friday, July 28, 2006

The Celebratory Wank

Every now and again, there comes a time when you have a wank as a celebration. I have a few situations where it has become tradition to knock one out.

When the traveling parent leaves
After a final exam

The first one in that list is my most recent celebratory wank. As you would know from my glee filled post not too long back, the parent was off and I was getting quite antsy about it. Sunday rolls around, and my dick is hard for the whole day, filled with anticipation about what was going to happen that night. Got the airport out of the way and headed home. Had a fairly quiet dinner, and the remaining parent went off to bed.

Now was the time to get busy!

I had spent a good part of the afternoon figuring out the order in which I would do things so as to arouse the least suspicion. So this was the list:
  • Shave face
  • Shave dick and balls
  • Get the fleshlight insert in some hot water
  • Have a long, hot shower
So, they are fairly straightforward. But then it was time to get down to business.

I dried off and got everything set up. As you may well know I had a few days of no masturbation beforehand, so I was quite ready to erupt. I plunged my dick into the soft, squishy fleshlight and got to work. Thrusting, back and forth, back and forth. Also, since being full of pent up energy and anticipation, I did not last very long at all, blowing a load after only a few minutes. I figured it was a bit stupid to go through all this effort of waiting patiently, getting everything ready all for a few minutes of pleasure. So I thought I would ride out the refactory period and when I was ready to go, have a really good crack at the fleshlight.

After about 15 - 20 minutes of watching some porn, I started to get aroused. Yay! I lubed up and got to work again. I took it slow and steady, pausing to maintain the feeling. After around 15 minutes I thought it was time to end things and ramped up the pace a great deal. Thrusting in and out quite hard until that moment when you think that maybe you can hold it back, but you can't. Your hands quiver and, breathing gets heavier and your cock erupts with pleasure.

I had to take a minute to catch my breath, but afterwards I slept the soundest sleep I have had in weeks. :)

Are there any times you just love to have a tug to celebrate or congratulate yourself about something?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sugasm #39

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Friday, July 21, 2006

The Anticipation

For people like myself where masturbation is the only sexual outlet available, half the fun is anticipating your next wank. The feeling of knowing that later on in the day you will fire up the porn, whip out the equipment and get to work can distract you from the task at hand. This of course can be a good or bad thing. Unfortunately I tend to work jobs requiring concentration and attention to detail, so in my case it is a distinct disadvantage.

The last few days I have been through a bit of a drought, and therefore my level of anticipation goes right up. It stands to reason really, if I masturbate on a regular basis, there is no fantasizing necessary. While in this period, things get uncomfortable when I go for a walk, it does not look too good if you are going for a brisk walk through the place and pitching a tent at the same time!

The release of anticipation is perhaps the greatest part though. After a 5 day drought, coming home and knowing that there will be a couple of hours without anyone around you can really let go and take a lot of time at it and savor the release of all that tension and frustration. Then again sometimes you just have to keep it in your pants and get your mind on other things. Sometimes I curse the fact I am not female as, from people have told me it is entirely possible to covertly masturbate. I wish that was the case for myself!

Sometimes though, I want self imposed anticipation. Nearly each year at the end of January, there are the traveling parents. Parents, Plural! A whole month unsupervised. Now around that time they are both all around the place getting things organized, sorting this out, making sure that is in place and so on. I have plenty of time alone, but for a few days before they go I muster up the willpower I can and abstain from porn, abstain from masturbation, I even abstain from taking the few moments I can get a feel in during my shower.

After dropping them both off at the airport going through the usual "Don't you fuck everything up, make sure you do this, make sure that is handled..." ritual I am bursting at the seams to get home. I give the car park machines a double figure percentage of my pay (why is airport parking always considerably more than parking anywhere else?) I zoom home and go to sleep. The next day I usually set aside to release the mountains of stress I have imposed on myself and spend the day wanking hard and often. I look forward to 2007 as I wont have the monotony of my hand!

A few recent developments and discoveries have led to more and more anticipation than usual, so this Sunday when I am down a parent, I look forward to having a bit of an explore :)

Do you savor anticipation? Or do you prefer to get wanking as soon as you can?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's been a while

Since I had an update about what's going on in life.

I've been a little quiet as of late, trying to be as lazy as possible in the final weeks of my vacation. It ends this Sunday, with my first class next Thursday, so I'm counting that as more vacation, I have a policy of refusing to do anything for my classes until the classes actually commence. I am a slacker at heart :)

I missed the last Sugasm through being a little busy at work, and quite frankly not having much to talk about, my masturbation career has been severely limited for the past few weeks. The traveling parent is back and for the whole month of July I have had no wanks with my favorite new toy (until 20 minutes ago), only quickies in small periods of time I have chanced some privacy. I plan to make this week's Sugasm however.

On the plus side, the traveling parent leaves on Sunday night and I will be celebrating this new found freedom by making up some ground for July, which so far is terrible (17 total). Thanks to all the people who asked for links, I will be throwing them up in a little bit.

Monday, July 17, 2006


I meant to post this a while ago, but I keep forgetting.

If anyone out there wants me to add a link to the list, just leave a comment under this, or send me an email. As much as I want to, I will never get around to seeing all the blogs I wish to read, so this short circuits the whole problem.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Porn Conundrum - Cumshot - 6

So, what else do I like in my porn? Well it isn't all big tits, sinful glares and smiles, I also like seeing nice huge wads of cum draped over a pretty woman.

I love the sight of it all, the cum dripping down the chin, splattered all over awaiting boobs. The thought of it all has made my dick hard and demand attention.

So, of course some pictures are needed :)

How about you?

Monday, July 10, 2006

The School of Fleshlight

I have now had the chance to try out all the inserts I got and I have nothing but praise for the fleshlight.

"Wonderwave", Lady
The first insert I tried. From various FAQs on the fleshlight forum, this combination was the closest to replicating vaginal sex. Being a virgin, I cannot confirm this, but I most definately can say that it feels great. The waves do a very good job of stimulating the shaft and head of my penis, but at irregular intervals.

"Super Ribbed", Non Descript
Some of the testimonials in the forum list this as one that will make you cum within seconds if you are not careful or concentrate. I can certainly confirm that. This was the last insert I tried out, and I find myself returning to it quite often. The ribs inside it stimulate everything, and only make the stimulating more intense with each and every stroke.

"Ultra Tight", Butt
The ultra tight was described as the closest to anal sex. It is tight! Apparently there are ideal girths and lengths, and being average in both means I can use this without hassle. I chose the butt orifice, to firstly help me tell each one apart by simply looking, but due to the butt orifice being tiny. A standard ball point pen is wider. This has been the least used so far. Unfortunately due to problems with finding a suitable time for a a session.

The technique I have been experimenting most with is the hands free method. Whilst using it like I would my hand still feels fantastic, the fleshlight offers much more. The first method I read about was the shoe. This consists of jamming it into a shoe and getting to work. I had limited success with this as I found I had to spend a bit of time keeping it from moving around. I also heard about the mattress method, which I have had much more luck and pleasure with.

I started off by placing it in between my mattress and frame. This is perfect height if I am on my knees. This was great! I could do other things with my hands and didn't have to worry about where I was going to blow the load. But after a few incidents of carpet burn on my knees, I thought more about this. In a flash of logic I found out that my mattress is roughly at penis height if I am standing next to it.

This was great! My hands were once again free to wander and do things, and I could leave my hips to handle the job of making me explode with delight. The knees once again provided the impetus for the next change. I then decided I would try handsfree and "leg free" by using the fleshlight lying down on my bed. It was a little bit clumsy with the pillows I used to hold it in place and the towel to capture any leaking lube or cum. But, it was absolutely fantastic.

I have found the orgasms when using the fleshlight to be sheer ecstasy. So much so that the vary rare "knee wobble" I had when using my hand I get almost every time. I have not been able to judge the amount of cum as I have so far been far too engrossed to pull out and ejaculate.

It is one school I very much enjoy attending ;)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sugasm #37

Here is the 37th issue, and sorry all about the delayed posting.

This week’s best of the sex blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Want in Sugasm #37? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the linklist within a week and you’re all set.


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Pinup art by Anthony Guerra, c/o ErotiCandy Blog.