Monday, July 10, 2006

The School of Fleshlight

I have now had the chance to try out all the inserts I got and I have nothing but praise for the fleshlight.

"Wonderwave", Lady
The first insert I tried. From various FAQs on the fleshlight forum, this combination was the closest to replicating vaginal sex. Being a virgin, I cannot confirm this, but I most definately can say that it feels great. The waves do a very good job of stimulating the shaft and head of my penis, but at irregular intervals.

"Super Ribbed", Non Descript
Some of the testimonials in the forum list this as one that will make you cum within seconds if you are not careful or concentrate. I can certainly confirm that. This was the last insert I tried out, and I find myself returning to it quite often. The ribs inside it stimulate everything, and only make the stimulating more intense with each and every stroke.

"Ultra Tight", Butt
The ultra tight was described as the closest to anal sex. It is tight! Apparently there are ideal girths and lengths, and being average in both means I can use this without hassle. I chose the butt orifice, to firstly help me tell each one apart by simply looking, but due to the butt orifice being tiny. A standard ball point pen is wider. This has been the least used so far. Unfortunately due to problems with finding a suitable time for a a session.

The technique I have been experimenting most with is the hands free method. Whilst using it like I would my hand still feels fantastic, the fleshlight offers much more. The first method I read about was the shoe. This consists of jamming it into a shoe and getting to work. I had limited success with this as I found I had to spend a bit of time keeping it from moving around. I also heard about the mattress method, which I have had much more luck and pleasure with.

I started off by placing it in between my mattress and frame. This is perfect height if I am on my knees. This was great! I could do other things with my hands and didn't have to worry about where I was going to blow the load. But after a few incidents of carpet burn on my knees, I thought more about this. In a flash of logic I found out that my mattress is roughly at penis height if I am standing next to it.

This was great! My hands were once again free to wander and do things, and I could leave my hips to handle the job of making me explode with delight. The knees once again provided the impetus for the next change. I then decided I would try handsfree and "leg free" by using the fleshlight lying down on my bed. It was a little bit clumsy with the pillows I used to hold it in place and the towel to capture any leaking lube or cum. But, it was absolutely fantastic.

I have found the orgasms when using the fleshlight to be sheer ecstasy. So much so that the vary rare "knee wobble" I had when using my hand I get almost every time. I have not been able to judge the amount of cum as I have so far been far too engrossed to pull out and ejaculate.

It is one school I very much enjoy attending ;)


Anonymous said...

i have been pondering getting one, but I live in a basement apartment and i'm concerned about the delivery. How are the fleshlights packaged on delivery? Are they obvious, or are they wrapped in brown paper obvious?

wanklogger said...

They arrive in a very discreet brown box. If you didn't know what was in there, you would never know. The addressing label says it comes from "ILF Enterprises", so no hints there. The details of what's in it for customs (this may not apply, I live outside of the US) lists things that would not raise any interest. "Gel Sleeve", "Plastic Housing" I think were the phrases used.

Fleshlightlover said...

For who does not know; The fleshlight can be bought at the official site: