Friday, January 28, 2011

My Holiday Fun III

Following on from my first night about my recent holiday brings me to the second night. I had a pretty awesome day travelling around, seeing some sights, going shopping, catching up with friends and doing a lot of drinking. After dinner with some friends, I headed off for my second night of fun. I'd seen this brothel advertising in the local newspaper, and figured out it was pretty easy to get to, despite my spinning head from so much booze, my trusty iphone led me in the right direction and 45 minutes later, I was there.

I was introduced to everyone and was seemingly the only guy there. If there were others, I didn't see them, which suits me just fine. The conversation is so awkward. It's pretty damn obvious why everyone is there, discussion about the weather or sports seems perfunctory and superfluous. When the madam returned to ask me if I'd like to spend some time there, I said I would - with Samantha. Samantha was tall, even taller with the heels. She had long brunette hair, some freckles on her face, and some very cute, pert boobs.

After a quick shower, I was on the bed, getting a massage from Samantha. It felt pretty good. Generally they are terrible, but Samantha had some degree of skill or at least seemingly no desire to assault my shoulder muscles.

Samantha told me she was getting horny and wanted me to turn over so we could get down to business. All the rubbing and teasing my cock from behind was starting to make me horny, I turned over. She started sucking at my cock. Quite gentle to begin with, but with increasing force and suction. At the top of each stroke, she would close in just a shade which felt amazing. The sensation was so intense and seeing her made me want to blow right then and there in her mouth. But I didn't. I played with her pussy all the while she did this. I particularly like doing this, I love the feel of the wet patch forming, the way my fingers slide easily over her clit and the way she opens her legs a bit further to let me play more.

After we had got each other quite excited,  she stopped sucking and moved on top of me. Her pussy felt as good on my cock as it did on my fingers. She put her hands on my chest for balance and started to move up and down on my cock, I met her each time with an upward thrust. Getting my cock inside as deep as possible felt so good and made me even hornier.

Her knee hurt and wanted me to do some work for a while. I fucked her from behind for a while. I tried to play with her tits while I did so, but she was too tall for it to be comfortable. So I pulled her towards me and pushed her ass up a bit so I could get in deeper and rub her clit while I drove my cock in.

After this, I rolled her on her side and lifted one leg up so it was over my shoulder and her other was in between my legs. This allowed me to penetrate deep inside of her and rub her clit some more. She was getting close to orgasm and I wanted to feel her have it with my cock inside. I focussed on that and tried to target each thrust to rub her clit. She started to play with herself as well and very soon I could see her breathing sharpen, her hand move in a blur and then her sweet pussy clenched my cock and the spasms of her orgasm ripped through. I was so close to my own orgasm, but I tried my best to hold on.

I pulled out and slipped off the condom, she poured a lot of lube on her tits and I moved forward and plunged my cock in that cool, gooey liquid. She pushed her tits together and my cock slipped in and out so easily as if I was fucking her pussy. I could feel the cum getting ready to fire and she began to ooh and ahh at me. She grabbed my cock and started wanking as hard as she could. The lube and my own pre cum was dribbling down onto her tits in long sticky strands until I let out a groan and added a puddle of hot cum into the lake. I took my cock and rubbed it in the soup until the last few drops had dribbled out.

I rolled over and collapsed. I was exhausted. I was drunk. I was dreading the fucking hangover that was awaiting. She got up and said in mock surprise that there was sperm all over her and winked. After the clean up it was time to part ways. She said it was a shame I had to go and that she would have loved to have had me around all night. I never know how true this is, I've been told I'm not selfish. Either way, I felt like a million dollars.


Anonymous said...

Such a nice describe. I don't even know good english but you fucked the girl very nicely and hard. Good job!

wanklogger said...

Thank you, I had a great time doing so!

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