Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Holiday Fun I

I hadn't really planned my most recent trip. I wanted to go and see some friends and family in another city, do some shopping and party hard at night. Apart from that, there wasn't too much else planned. Of course, wanking would be a major part of my time there.

I woke up the morning of my departure with a raging erection and a huge desire to have a quick one before making my way to the airport. But I held off. Which was going to be a difficult decision to live with for the next few hours because no sooner had I got my cock under control and got through the maze of the airport to my plane did one amazingly hot MILF park herself in the seat next to me. She was stunning, all I wanted to do was pull out my once again hard cock, stroke it and deposit my warm cum in her cleavage which was always out of the corner of my eye.

She was about 5'8", had shoulder length brunette hair, a toned body, tight ass and pert tits. My first glimpse of her was her ass as she bent over to fiddle with her carry on bags before stowing them. I was excited enough by that, let alone when she turned around and I got to see the rest.

That flight was near torture. I spent a lot of it dreaming of all the things I'd love to do to her. That ass was just begging to be fucked from behind, letting the cum slide through her cunt and drip down.

When we got off the plane,  I gingerly made my way to the toilet and finally pissed. The piss I had been holding in for the last 2 hours because there was no way I could make it to the toilet and not announce my erection to the entire plane.

I got to my hotel, checked in and finally had a chance to coax out all the cum that was in need to being released.

I stripped off and left my clothes where they fell. I jumped onto the centre of my bed and sunk into it and the pillows. My cock was standing bolt upright already and I could see a drop of precum stuck at the tip, I pulled my foreskin back and squeezed it forward, forcing a little stream to dribble out and down my cock.

I started to furiously pump my cock. I didn't want to take it long and slow, I wanted to cum as soon as possible. I wanted to see the spurts of cum violently shoot out of my cock. I thought of the MILF on the flight sucking and filling her mouth with my cum. Right then, the first spurt shot out and landed square on my chest, followed by more spurts. I kept jerking the whole way through this and each spurt was caught in the middle of a stroke, so each shot landed in a different spot. After a few massive spurts like this, the cum now dribbled out and another squeeze forced the last out.

I was drained, it was a good start to my holiday, but there would be more to follow.


Anonymous said...

Classic Wank logger! Why didn't you let her know of your feelings. Telling her how nicely dressed she looked would have been a start. At least that would have got her juices running.

wanklogger said...

It would have been great if it worked out. If it hadn't, it would have been an awkward few hours on the plane. A blowjob would have been sublime! :)