Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Weekend Wanking 59

The first thing that caught my attention when I was watching this video was the closeness it had to a fantasy of mine when I was growing up. I'm pretty sure I was not alone in dreaming of 2 dirty blondes sucking my cock, but this video was so close to how I pictured it, it was like I was 15 again!

Happy wanking!

Sorry, video no longer available!

This is the last week the video for #9 will be available, so hop to it! I LOVE this clip and have jerked off to it so many times I have lost count, you'll want to get it!


Anonymous said...

I admire your wanking ability but as a long time follower, I need to see your stats.
This blog has changed considerably since I first visited. In the past, I could bring myself off on thinking of you wanking yourself stupid. Can you revert to those days when you parents were away? (Please, oh please, Wank Loggger.)
Mrs. Mills.

wanklogger said...

It's just that over the several years I did it, the stats rarely changed. They were pretty common over all the months.

I'd figured I had pretty much got a firm picture of my masturbation.