Thursday, December 17, 2009


I received an email from Nabila a few weeks ago, with the following...
I hope you'll enjoy it and you give me a big juicy viscous generious copious load!
It takes me a long time to get to photo requests, it's just the way things are. We emailed each other a few more times between then and now. When the night came, I was horny, really horny. I held off as long as I could, but eventually the cum was itching to shoot out of me.

It was fucking incredible :)

Nabila has told me
I'm impatient to read comments of the world!
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Anonymous said...

Nabila, he did you proud. The spurts didn't go quite as far as they sometimes do, but you can see that the cum is really sticky and there's plenty of it.

By the way, you are a very good looking girl. Thanks for letting us all see your picture.

wildwestfan2001 said...

Superb shooting, as always. You're a lucky girl Nabila. It would be so good to see a photo of your tits with cum on them.

wanklogger said...

Lucky? That's quite a compliment, thank you!

bernard said...

I did enjoy watching you wank over her cleavage and cum !