Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It's been some time since I have posted about going to the brothel. It has certainly been happening, but I've just not written about it. I generally see the same girl because she is really friendly and I always have a good time.

But last weekend I went there and she had not arrived yet. I remembered my friend's old advice, chat to the girl who smiles at you, not the hottest girl there. I didn't follow this one time and that would have been the one time I didn't enjoy my visit.

I started speaking to Hannah, a tanned woman who absolutely loves the beach, it's pretty much all she spoke of. The conversation beforehand is always awkward, just what do you say? I know why I am there, they know why I am there, this charade of conversation is just weird. So I ask mundane questions.

A booking was made and I wandered up the stairs with her.

After the mandatory health check and shower I was on the bed, getting massaged. I find massages to be an enigma. It always seems like paying to be assaulted, yet they always end up feeling pretty good. After a while Hannah started running her nipple up the length of my back and teasing my cock from behind. Getting an erection while lying on your chest is pretty uncomfortable.

I should describe Hannah a little better, mainly because a woman of her calibre has been a long standing fantasy - Hannah was 41. Amazing looking, huge smile, firm breasts and gorgeous skin, tanned all over.

She went down on me, slowly at first. Once my cock was rock hard she increased the pace, her head bobbing up and down quite quickly. She traced her tongue along the underside of my cock and from time to time would dwell at the top and suck a bit harder on the head. She shifted around so I could play with her tits and flick my fingers past her clit.

She sat up and asked if I wanted to see her ass or her pussy first. Ass please!

She spun round and lowered herself onto my cock, her hands on my legs to keep her balance. Her ass began to rhythmically move up and down. I couldn't wait to feel her ass, fuck me it was hard. I started to meet her by thrusting upwards, which became pretty awkward, pretty quickly.

She got off me and grabbed a few pillows to put under herself while she shoved her pussy in the air. I got close and ran my finger over her clit a few times before slowly pushing my cock into her. I held onto her and began to slide in and out, slowly at first, but soon I was going as fast as I could. Her hair spilled out over her head and each thrust pushed us both forward a little bit.

I pulled out and Hannah lay down on her back, spreading her legs apart. Initially I held myself up by my arms, but I was tiring. I eased down on her and pulled her close, she wrapped her legs around mine and I continued to slide in and out of her. She said she was near orgasm and wanted to be on top for it - it felt better.

I lay on my back and she got on top. Hannah complimented me on the hardness of my cock. Something which I felt quite proud of, yet also something relatively out of my control. Hannah leaned backwards so my cock was at a 45 angle and began to slide up and down fast. She soon eased off, sat facing me, legs wide apart and after a few minutes of rubbing, had a screaming orgasm. A little wet spot appeared on the sheet. She lay down across me and began to jerk me off while tickling my cock with her tongue. That was the final straw. I felt everything tighten up, the world held still for a second and I made all sorts of noises. I watched my jizz fill the (apparently) chocolate flavored condom and felt all was well with the world.