Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Waitress

I had to drive out of town to visit a relative, which went well. This particular relative is...unstable in several ways. He tends to either have everything going really well, or it's a complete disaster. No comfortable middle ground.

On long drives I take my mp3 player, I don't like driving, but I do like music. And a thumping bass seems to make the trip seem little arduous. The problem with music that must only be played loud is that one misses important audio cues. Like my old, POS car making dying noises without me realising. Several lights come on the dash, the gas pedal no longer makes the needle on the tachometer rise and I splutter to a stop. Music soon follows. I know some minor car surgery, but nothing I can think of does the trick. Oh well.

I walk back to the last gas station/garage/diner place, and organize a tow. The man at the garage was confident he could fix it without too much hassle. In the mean time, I had very little to do.

I dropped into the diner to grab something to eat and pass some time.

The diner is deserted, not a single person in there. I make some noises and say "hello" to the ether and a waitress appears from a pantry. I explain my predicament and take a seat, order some food.

I couldn't believe my luck, this waitress was hot. Not in an airbrushed model way, she was gorgeous. Tightly pulled back brunette hair, a huge smile all packaged in the classic waitress uniform, with just enough cleavage to fixate on.

We chatted for a while, I trying to appear more 'with it' than I actually am and of course avoiding detection when copping an eyeful. I think the waitress had a good idea about things because she seemed to lean over to point out something now and then with her breasts pressed on the counter and cleavage-chasm at 90 degrees to it. This is heaven and hell at the same time.

The man from the garage pops in to inform me that the car is both fixed and a bill is now owing. I settle up the bill with him and it comes time to leave the diner. Standing up is a problem. I have quite the erection and my cock has managed to wriggle out of my underpants so it is very obvious.

I make my way to the register and settle that bill. But, I face a dilemma. I can't drive like this - I'll have an accident. I can barely walk either.

So I make my way to the toilets, pick a stall, and wank furiously, thinking about those beautiful tits. I'd love to titfuck her. Her tits all slicked up, her hands holding them tightly together, long slow thrusts from me. I groan as spurt after spurt shoot out and land in the bowl, each making a satisfying splash.

I catch my breath for second, let my cock loosen up a little and hoist up my pants. I walk out, bid my farewells and the waitress says "Do come again". I never would have thought the stock standard retail/food service line could evoke so many questions. I've said it so many times, it's like breathing. You just reel it off, never really care if the person does or not. The boss says you say it and in automaton mode you just say it. I wonder if she knew, I wonder if she liked the idea. Either way, I sped home as legally as I could and did just that.


Anonymous said...

Tasman says:

Well worth a wank or two. Will you pay a visit again?

When I was a teenager, I needed to milk my snake about three times a day. I am not gay, but I often wonder whether I would have enjoyed my male pals doing it for me.

Would you consider this option, W.L.?

wanklogger said...

I might go again. The trip is quite far, and it does take a big slice of time (which I can't often spare). It really depends on if I need to visit my relative.

For part 2, I don't think I would.

Curvaceous Dee said...

Gorgeous post. 'Do come again' - heh!

xx Dee

Anonymous said...

Dear Wank Log: I just found your blog. Excellent! You write very well. I guess you feel the written entries are more important than the video posts, but I really enjoyed watching those. They're a really neat and simple idea. Just one suggestion - when you can feel that your first spurts are going to be be very powerful, please push the pic a litte way up the board. On the great Alley Baggett and Salma Hayek videos, your first spurts literally go over their heads! It would have been great to have got the the spunk in those first heavy spurts to go on the pics. Best of luck with the next video. Cheers, C.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wanklogger. After writing the comment above, I had another check of your excellent videos and see that the latest one (Hot Wife Rio) also shows you with really impressive spurting and a heavy load but much of it also does not hit the pic. Good examples of where you get the aim right with heavy loads are the last video in the Kyla Cole set and the one of Nigella Lawson.

Apologies for length of postings - just want to encourage you to produce another great video! C

wanklogger said...

Curvaceous Dee: Thank you, glad you enjoyed it :)

Anon: Thanks, it's the ever present problem for me. If I wank for long enough to make good enough volume, I tend to also cover a lot of ground. I try, *try* to angle my cock down a little at the right moment to get more on the page, but as you rightly pointed out, sometimes it doesn't work out.

On the other hand, if the page is too far up my desk, there is the possibility I might shoot a little short, then the whole thing is a let down.

I'll keep your ideas in mind, and thanks for reading! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear wanklogger: Thanks for your reply. After I had written my pieces above I wish I hadn't made such relatively trivial comments. Instead, I should have told you what I admire about your video postings. I often like minimalistic things in life - simple ideas that are carried out to perfection. And that's what your videos are. This attention to simple detail begins with their signposting on the blog page. The "before" and "after" pics are just right. Either one of them on their own would not have looked nearly so good - the "before" pic could just look like you showing off your prick while the "after" one might not look like much at all. But together they have a pleasing symmetry. They're also intriguing.

Then the videos themselves. They are excellently minimalistic. You just show the three essentials of the wank - your prick, your hand and the picture. No distracting clutter in the background. And you keep almost silent, so the loudest sounds we hear are those of the soft plops as your spunk lands. Others might have been tempted to tell us how turned on they were by the photo, etc, which would have spoilt the video.

Next I must admire your filming (and wanking) techniques. You have got the lighting and (especially) the camera angle just right. You hold the camera in your right hand (presumably to keep it as steady as possible) which means that you have to wank with your left hand. Possibly this is not your usual wanking hand (though I may have got this all wrong) and so you've had to learn how to keep the strokes regular. You know that you must not allow your hand to obscure too much of your prick.

You also know the value of "theatre" in your performance. So, in the Salma Hayek video, you know that you are going to shoot an impressive load and that it will look much better if it fires out of your prick when it is not being stroked. Thus you make that dramatic pause - keeping your audience on tenterhooks. They know what's coming but can't say exactly when it will be. The delay heightens the dramatic tension, especially for your male readers who know exactly what you are feeling!

A question: which one of these small masterpieces is your favourite?


wanklogger said...

Anon: I am blown away! I've never contemplated my videos in such a view. In a way, I guess the videos mirror something of my personality. I prefer the minimalistic. Why take a bag full of stuff when pockets with only the bare necessities will do? I'm not one for talking during the videos, only the occasional groan or grunt. I know many go for that sort of thing, but I guess actions speak louder than words. It's not all theatrics, if I don't speak, I can retain some anonymity.

The lighting has been a source of consternation. Some of the videos have this awkward shadow of my hand, cast over the whole desk. I don't much like them. It took some time to figure out the combination of things that work, but once I have figured it out, I stick to it religiously. Typically, I am a right-hander. But years of looking at porn (requiring a mouse) has forced me to develop my left hand abilities. These days I am ambi-dexterous. Sometimes, you can see the camera moves/wobbles a bit at 'the moment', I try my best to hold it steady, but it is not an easy feat.

The lack of movement in the final moments is something I do pretty much because I like it. It just looks more attractive to me, and I think giving the hand a brief rest lets my brain focus on the actual pleasure of the moment.

A favourite is hard to pick. I would say it's a toss up between Alley Baggett (because her pictures never fail me), Salma Hayek because I like the way cum accumulates in her cleavage.

Anonymous said...

Tasman says:

"Toss-up" being a pun, no doubt!

wanklogger said...

I spotted that afterwards, it was completely unintended!

Anonymous said...
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