Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gianna Michaels

Gianna Michaels is known for having pendulous breasts and her cum magnet abilities. All the scenes of her's that I have seen end in her being doused in the stuff. I'm just one man, but this is my contribution.



Anonymous said...

May I be the first to congratulate you on another excellent video! Well done. As I noted in my third (!!) comment yesterday to "The Waitress" post (apologies for length), I'm a real fan of these clips.

BTW, the link to the second Alley Baggett video in October 2007 is broken. Could you fix it? Having seen how great the first clip is, I'd love to see the second! Especially as she is one of your favourite wank targets.

Best of luck with the new job.


Anonymous said...

well i'll be, that was, that was magical!

wanklogger said...

Anon 1: Thank you, it is pleasing to have a fan! I've fixed up the link for you :)

Anon 2: Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the second Alley Baggett. Just as good as the first. She really teases the maximum out of you. Highly recommended to other viewers of this blog.


Anonymous said...

Are you using proper lubrication? Your prick looks a bit red and sore in most of the photos on this blog. My husband Tim always uses Vaseline, just a little on the head and around the bottom of the head. Its better than water-based lubes as it lasts longer. He's 55 and still wanks both with me and on his own, as he spends at least a week each month away for his work. We've been married for 10 years.

Before I met Tim I knew from previous boyfriends how much men enjoy wanking. I also masturbate but I only come when I'm with Tim as he has the right touch and warmth to make it happen.

He's away this week and next but when he gets back I'll show him your blog. Being old school, he doesn't look much at porn on the web, instead he buys magazines like Men Only, Mayfair and Club International. Sometimes I look at them with him. I recognised Kyla Cole that you have on your blog from his mags. I'm sure he's wanked over her as she's been in several of the mags he's bought.

Tim likes shooting his spunk on the pictures in his mags just like you do. He also likes giving me a facial like you did to the pic of Gianna Michaels, but he's careful not to get any in my eyes. That video was interesting to me coz when that's happening to me with Tim I'm looking at his cock from the opposite angle.

Happy wanking!

Anonymous said...
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George said...

That was a fine shot.

wanklogger said...

Thank you. Always have a few extra squirts ready for Gianna!