Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Monica Bellucci

I don't know much about Monica. If I've seen her in something I certainly don't remember it. Someone at the CelebJO forums had a request that had gone unfulfilled.


Anonymous said...

Tasman says:

Good shot WL. How do you do the photography while shooting a load?

Harking back to the hospital thing, I also don't usually go for the bikie type but after this experince I have to say that this girl was good at making me happy.

Jen has to realise what we are about. We wank because we enjoy it & we love to tell the world of our experiences.

I too love your site. My comments may not always be what the reader wants to hear but it is good fun all the same.

Girls, please remeber that,to a man,women are all right but you can't beat the real thing. (A good honest wank never lets you down & ,unlike sex, it is always available.

Anonymous said...

"My comments may not always be what the reader wants to hear"...

You can say that again.

wanklogger said...

Tasman: It's nothing special, I use my right hand and try to keep steady.

Anonymous said...

Tasman says:

It's agood job that someone has a sense of humour!

Ryan P. said...

Nice job, and nice shot to the face. Keep it up - if you can!
Ryan at

Bernard said...

Good to see her cleavage covered by you !