Thursday, February 14, 2008

I saw and I came!

Writing a thesis is a stressful thing, and it's not particularly fun. Finishing it is fun, before that it fucking sucks. Once it was over and done with, I had planned to visit the brothel I had been to the last two times. However, Christmas, family stuff and so on kept getting in the way and a good time just never came up.

Until now.

The last two times the parents were around, and my plan to last more than 30 seconds when there is quite simple: I jerk off before I go. Didn't say it was fancy or sophisticated, but it does work. The problem with this plan is I need to find enough time with privacy so I can a) jerk off, and then b) have a shower and head off.

But this time with no parents in the country, it is significantly easier. Jerk off whenever you want and leave.

Apart from the obvious motivations for visiting a brothel, I treat it like 1 hour of confidence building - on crack.

First of all, there was no nervous circling the block several times, I just turned in.

The madam introduced me to who was working this day. The two women I had been with before were there. The first was talking to someone and the second, in retrospect I found kind of cold. So I sat myself down next to Mitzi. Mitzi was about 5'6", slender build, ample chest, long hair, and a lovely smile.

I started to talk and found it easy to hold a conversation, which made me infinitely more comfortable. Although, I do think I am a little bit of question machine gun, which doesn't feel right. Money changed hands and I was led upstairs.

After the shower I lay on the bed and had a massage. Which I am always a little afraid, and skeptical of. Do they even do anything? And while they are doing potentially nothing, am I going to get some painful back injury? Well, it did have an effect and I wasn't in pain. So that part is an enjoyable success.

I rolled onto my back and waited.

Mitzi began to gyrate on top of me, and getting into the full swing of things I played/fondled/groped her breasts, which were magnificent. I don't know how to describe them, and ever since I saw "The 40 Year Old Virgin", I can only ever say they feel like a bag of sand.

The last time I went there, I wanted to see the lady play with herself for a bit. Last time, this was shot down. But this time, it was met with vigor. Mitzi plunged that finger in there and got to work in no time at all. And it was great, it was everything I thought it would be. I too played with herself and it too was fantastic.

Mitzi got a condom and slid it on, and blew me for some time. She stopped and asked if I was ready, which I damn well was. Mitzi was on top (I'll learn the names of these positions one day).

I know three times doesn't really qualify me to make many judgements about sex. But I will anyway.

a) I like it when she is on top. I can play with things and enjoy the view. Maybe I am just lazy to not get the same from missionary.

b) Doggie is like kryptonite. I like it, a lot, but it's all over or has the chance of being all over pretty quick with that.

After a while, Mitzi suggested doggie and I happily obliged, I was pretty close and it put me over the edge. We both cleaned up and went our ways.

You know what I learnt from this? I am getting better at talking to women who I find attractive. I can talk with people I have no attraction to with ease, but not the reverse. Maybe 2008 will work out ok :)


Anonymous said...

Can't beat a good wank!

wanklogger said...

True, true.

Although, it's a lot nicer when it's a female's hand doing the stroking!

Anonymous said...

Tasman says:

A cock in the hand is worth two in the tush.

Anonymous said...

Couple of questions...

How did you find the whorehouse?
How much did a **** cost?

wanklogger said...

Tasman: I like that conversion rate!

Anon: Finding it was the least difficult part of the lot. Here they advertise in the personal column in the newspaper, everyday. The trade is essentially legalised, so there is no real reason to keep it hidden. For an hour it was ~US$220.