Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Dress

I want to tell you about one of my university lecturers. As long time readers will know, I like many other males my age have a soft spot for the mature woman. This particular lecturer falls into that category.

It's a small class, and mainly based around group discussion, instead of the preachy lecture style. It seems that my oddness has resonated with her, as she gets along with me a lot better than the rest of the people in the class.

I first noticed this in the last class, she seemed to catch my eye a little more often than the rest of the people. Whether that means something, or is trying to tell me to pay attention, I have no idea.

Anyway, it was a warm day and she was wearing a dress, a plain, ordinary dress, not fancy by any stretch of the imagination. She was crossing, uncrossing, adjusting her legs and then repeating the whole thing in an effort to gain some comfort in the stifling heat.

So, the class continues, I am paying less and less attention to the rather droll topic and more and more attention to the increasingly deliberate movements of her legs.

Finally, everyone has had enough. We all head off to stretch our legs and take our minds off the dull proceedings.

I am the first to head back to the room, and I see my lecturer sitting there, on top of a desk as she had been for the whole class. A bit of idle chit - chat about the rest of the class, the rest of the unit, how damn hot it is.

Then, another of the moments that gets burnt into your brain happened. And I am glad it did! She uncrossed one leg, let it rest on the desk and gave me a clear, unhindered view of her nether regions, which was most definitely welcome. She recrossed her legs and unfortunately people started showing up.

I liked the fact that it was so non-chalant, there were no steely gazes, no overt signs, it had the appearance, that was the way she acted, but just forgot I was around. Either way, it was a hell of a sight!

I look forward to that usually dull class next week.

In other news, one parental unit is back and wanking has suffered slightly as a result. However, I have a bit of a plan for the rest ofthis year. And it feels good to be back in the swing of things!


Anonymous said...

now this was a nice post. enjoy the bright sides of life and thank god that you can experience some erotic moments out there in "wild life". That girl made your day!
I think you're making progress here. Stop measuring your dick and making statistics about your wanking and the load you're shooting. Go out there and breathe in all that stuff that nature offers. Amen. (man, what a speech!)

tasman said...

I agree with the above comment.

Now it is up to you, Wanklogger, to plan your next move. She is obviously gagging for you.

Maybe she reads your log & has seen the photos of your magnificent tool.

(What did you see between her legs? Was it a pubic mound or a glimpse of panty? can't wait for more!)

Keep on pulling!

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