Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Dress II

I had to get a few things clarified by this lecturer, so I headed into university to do just that. I trawled through the rabbit warren of the campus trying to locate her office. Went through the work fairly quickly, I was missing a page of from the example, hence why I couldn't follow it. I'll reproduce the conversation from then on as best I can.

Her: "Wanklogger, I saw you last week", said cautiously

Me: "Well I was in the class, and we only have at most 15 people in it"

Her: "No, not that. I mean during the break", said cautiously

Me: "Oh, that"

Her: "I'm not upset. I am flattered though, a young guy like you admiring someone like me?"

Me: "I like older women, and I liked your choice of underwear"

Her: "Well, as flattered as I am, I have to stop you. The university does not allow me to be involved with students, it's a violation of of the code of ethics. I could lose my job, and you could be disciplined. Not to mention, I am married" (It is after all a class about ethics :))

Me: "If it is that way, it's that way"

Her: "Wait! Tell me about it"

Me: "It?"

Her: "Last week, what happened afterwards?"

Me: "Well, I first of all thought I must have been hallucinating, but I wasn't. Then I glanced at your face and saw that you weren't looking at me, so I figured you had forgot I was there or something."

Her: "And?"

Me: "Right, so I kept on looking, and got err.."

Her: "Hard? I am 48, Wanklogger, I'm not a fool"

Me: "Ok then, so yeah, I got hard. Then the rest of the class showed up and the fun was all over"

Her: "What about after the class?"

Me: "Went home, had dinner, watched some TV, went for a walk"

Her: "That it?"

Me: "Not really. I then wrote about it for my blog. Do you want the address?"

Her: "Would you mind?"

Me: "Sort of, I am keeping it and my real world self apart as much as I can"

Her: "Then don't. Anything else?"

Me: "Yeah, later that night, I jerked off, with your image for inspiration"

Her: "No one has ever said that to me before. Was it good?"

Me: "It was great!"

Her: "Ok, I will do something for you, but you can't tell people, the whole ethics thing"

Me: "Fine. Blog? It's anonymous"

Her: "That's ok. Tell your readers I said hi" She says hi.

Her: "Close your eyes"

I wait 10 seconds.

Her: "Now open them"

She had peeled her top up and past her breasts, exposing them fully to the world and my eyes.

Her: "Go home, take care of that (pointing at my crotch), and remember this isn't happening again"

I walked back to my car, barely able to keep a thought still in my head. I got home, and took care of my dick. Unfortunately, it looks like the next lot of work is straightforward. Damn.


Tasman said...

In your dreams!

wanklogger said...

Just enjoying the fruits of my recently found confidence. :)