Sunday, October 29, 2006

The latest action.

I've been rather quiet for the last week and a bit. It's the end of the scholastic year, and that means getting the last assignments, assessments and exams done and sorted. I also have the added pressure of finalizing my post graduate studies and now many extra hours at work. Quite the hell week.

In terms of the wanking stats, this month has so far been...mediocre. So whilst the figures are quite low so far (and with the hell week coming up, the end of the month will not be spectacular either), the quality has been fantastic.

Let's take last night for example.

I watched some TV, not particularly riveting TV and then retired to my room. I did a little bit more school work and called it a day after about an hour. Around this time of 10.30pm, the house is pretty quiet. The traveling parent is away right now, so no hassle there and the other parent was fast asleep. Time to get to work!

I waited 8 seconds for an erection and whipped my pants off and got busy.

I pulled back my foreskin, and a few drops of precum leaked out, I used my free fingers to spread that over the head of my penis. Instead of quick, frantic strokes, I mixed it up a little bit with the longer, more drawn out "complete" strokes, moving my foreskin all the way back and then forward again. Whenever I have the time and patience to do this, I am always rewarded. Not only with an ejaculation with more volume, but a longer and stronger orgasm.

This time was no disappointment either.

Lately I have also managed to wait around 8 - 12 minutes and be ready to go again. This is fairly common in my age range, but what I find more surprising is that if I take the time to do things "properly" again, I am rewarded with an identical finish from the first time.

I think this is fantastic!

It's been a little while without some photos, so here are a few that helped me out.

I am a new Gianna Michaels fan as well. I apologize for the very few updates this month, it has been very full on. School ends this week, so I should have a lot more free time to wank, and then write about it, stay tuned :)


Anonymous said...

welcome back! good to see some evidence on that photo of kristen bell, too.

Anonymous said...

Nude and erotic photography:
go wank off now :)
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