Thursday, October 12, 2006

The "backdoor", I went in.

For a long while now I have always been a little intrigued by the backdoor entrance, the exit hole, call it what you wish. I've never really had the courage to go any further than to run my finger over the outer rim.

While the parents were away earlier this year, I made a list of things I would like to try. This was on there, but I never really went that far with it. If I am trying anything new I usually dance around it for a while, then chicken out a few times then plunge right in and feel like a dork because it wasn't anything to be too scared about.

A few months ago, I thought enough stuffing about, time to take the plunge. I had read a couple of articles, make sure I am relaxed, well lubricated and to take it easy. I was in the shower and had knelt down to clean the nether regions and thought that this was indeed the time to try it.

I relaxed, at first I had trouble actually locating anything, but that was soon sorted. I relaxed more, and slowly slid my middle finger inwards. A little push and I was in there. I had a bit of a feel around and that was that.

I could cross something else off my list.

After a week or so of practising in the shower, I got more and more comfortable with the idea. The nerves and trepidation soon wore off and I began to look forward to that part of my daily showering routine. I still do.

Now I look forward to that not only in the shower, but when I have the time to stick a finger in there and wiggle it around during my usual masturbation. I've found it has made orgasm more intense and enjoyable over the regular way. I'm also looking at a toy to use, but so far nothing seems to suit what I am after.

Do you like anal play when wanking?


Anonymous said...

you wana get yourself a Nexus G-Spot Massager Glide Special Edition. Friend of mine runs a shop and they swear by it!!!

Anonymous said...

you wana get yourself a Nexus G-Spot Massager Glide Special Edition. Friend of mine runs a shop and they swear by it!!!

Anonymous said...

Come on, Wanklogger, post more regularly! According to your stats you're masturbating once for every day of the year - we want to hear about all your wanks, even the run-of-the mill ones!

NaughtyNikki said...

I do enjoy that. It took a little time for me to enjoy it with Dragon, but now, it is a guarrenteed way to make me cum big.

I actually mention it and have a pic in this post on my blog:

Anonymous said...

hardly any girl i know admits to liking anal, but i honestly can't get enough. i need at least one good experience a week, which usually means the silicone variety, considering the sex drought we've been in around here...

as for lube, i saw it suggested somewhere that if you're horny enough, you don't need lube, but i can't imagine that scenario. even with a lot of lube and a sensible partner, it can get pretty sore back there. my first ass partner preferred vaseline, but the next guy introduced me to KY which was a massive improvement. nevertheless, astroglide has been my lube of choice, the added benefit that i can get it at our local, small-town pharmacy!

Anonymous said...

Good that you are trying various things . Many men are afraid to play with their hole, whilst you can have a more intense orgasm. Also I seem to spurt more if I put a finger up there. Only thing is that you have stinky fingers afterwards.. :)

Anonymous said...

Id swear by it. I can orgasm alon usin my hand and prostate