Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I don't have much experience with the Benny Hill girls. When I was a little kid, his show was on TV pretty late, and I'd usually fallen asleep by the time it came on. I never really got the jokes. Now, I get the jokes and I don't find it particularly funny. Just not my sort of humor.

But, there is a big following of the girls at the Angelspunk Collective, who asked me to cum on one girl in particular, with an amazingly cum worthy ass.



Anonymous said...

Lovely photo, and nice creamy load, perfectly aimed. Good work!
As a follow-up to your Sarah Palin vid, can you do Christine O'Donnell? She thinks masturbation is a sin, apparently.
And - can we have a side view soon? Cheers!

wanklogger said...

Thank you. :)

I can't believe people like O'Donnell actually exist!! Masturbation is a sin? Well, obviously I cannot support that! I've had a look at her, definitely cum worthy, I'll keep her in mind!

I need to figure out some technical problems before I can do that, hopefully I can get a chance to do so. I haven't forgotten about side views!

Anonymous said...

A good load, well aimed & shot over a hot chick. One up for a left hander.

wanklogger said...

Thanks! I'm quite proud of this one. :)

Bernard said...

It is a big turn-on to see , that she made your cock hard and watch you stroke it and shoot your cum over the picture ! Thanks for posting !

wanklogger said...

Thank you!