Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Display

During my recent holidays I was staying in a relative's apartment. This apartment was in a very nice garden setting, something to see out of the window and something to add a bit of color to the place. It was the first time I had lived in an apartment and found looking out the window at the multi-channel TV of life to be interesting. It was pretty fun playing voyeur, even if all I saw was a few people making breakfast.

One day I looked at the apartment directly opposite my window. The woman who lived there saw me. I waved. She smiled back at me.

Two days later I was getting ready to go out to dinner and was changing in my room. I was in a hurry and ran into my room from the shower stark naked and proceeded to pick through my suitcase to find something suitable to wear. It was a warm night and I wanted the evening breeze to cool down my room by the time I got back. I walked over to the window, opened it and saw her, she smiled.

I didn't think much of it, I was in a hurry to meet up with my friends.

The next morning I finally put 2 and 2 together to realize what I had done. I didn't feel overly embarrassed. She has no idea who I am, I don't know her, I'd be gone in a few days. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of being watched when I changed. I could feel my cock stir at the thought. I was in no position to have a wank, so I stopped that impulse right away.

I was going out again that night, but before I did, I was going to go for a run. I glanced out the window and saw nothing. I got changed into my running clothes, did my warm up and off I went. I came back, stripped off and went for a shower. When I got back to the room I tried to angle myself so I could see back out the window through the mirror. I saw her. Looking in. She was making dinner.

I'm a pretty clumsy sort of guy, so I tried to get dressed without turning around too much. I dropped the towel and tried as best I could to get dressed. It would appear that in the art of striptease, I am a complete failure.

I was combing my hair and managed to angle my head so I could see her in the mirror. She was smiling.

It was approaching the end of my time there and I was horny. I hadn't jerked off in over a week and everything was setting me on edge. An attractive office worker in the city, a cute girl on the bus, every time they were near me my mind was racing.

That night I was going to fix this problem. After seeing all these women around town, I could feel a semi constant dribble of pre-cum spilling out of me.

I came back from dinner and got undressed. The waitress at dinner was using her flirtatious powers to extract a higher tip - which worked very well. It also had me on edge for the whole train ride home. I sat down in the recliner in my room (it was excess to the lounge suite in the main room, lucky me). I started jerking, slowly at first. I squeezed the head of my cock gently to spill some of the brimming pre-cum which ran down the underside. I scooped it up and slathered it over the head. I increased the pace and was stroking furiously. I could feel myself getting close and stepped up the pace even more. Spurt after spurt shot out in long arcs and landed square on my chest.

I was dead tired. The rivers of jizz on my chest needed cleaning up. I grabbed a few nearby tissues and mopped up. I stood up, my head in that nice dozy state after a solid orgasm and glanced out the window. The light across the way snapped on and she was there. She smiled and waved. She turned on her heel (because I've always wanted to say that phrase) and walked off. In doing so, she revealed her complete nakedness underneath her apron.

I didn't see her after that. The following day I was departing for the next leg of my holiday. This time I was not staying with relatives, rather a hotel room. I had made the decision on the flight that when in the room, I would be without clothes. Luckily my new found exhibitionist streak had a room which fronted onto the rest of the world, and each time I had a wank for those few days, I was fantasizing about apron lady.


Anonymous said...

I'm just trawling through your archives and I'm surprised to find no comment on this nice anecdote.
I love the thought of somebody seeing me too. I once had a flat that had a house look down into it. I spied a great looking girl getting changed in the upstairs window who didnt seem to be in a hurry to cover her boobs.
I kept an eye out every now and then and saw her quite often. She was living with a guy but never seemed bothered about covering up.
I always made sure that when I wanked I was positioned to give a display in return. It got me harder than ever to think that she may glance in and see my cock.
I never got the response that you did though! I moved out of the flat and have not had such a wonderful neighbour since, though to this day I always make sure theres some way I can be seen while I wank, hoping theres someone that's enjoying the show. Guy or girl, makes no difference to me, so long as they enjoy seeing my fun.
Maybe I should start a blog such as yours, I have copious archive material on my hard drive already!

Wanklogger said...

Good story!

I think it is pretty hit and miss to get someone who both spots you exposing yourself and who appreciates what they see. Hopefully your next viewer likes the show! :)

Anonymous said...

yes, it's a balancing act, hoping the stars align for someone to appreciate rather you than to report you! Not wishing to cause offence, it's tricky to make sure you can only be seen by the right folk, you know, having the view accessible for someone looking for it but not to the unwary passer by.

Incidentally, have you considered allocating a section of your blog for guests to submit their own videos/pics of their sessions? I'm envious of the amatuer submissions that get sent to you to decorate but have no idea how to set up my own site to garner my own.
You could have a wanking league of gentlemen!
Just thinking aloud

Wanklogger said...

Screw it, let it all hang out and see what happens! :P

Thanks for the idea, I'll keep it in mind. I'm not sure how I would go about it, but I'll think about it.

Anonymous said...

haha, may well do!

Neat, let us know if you work anything out, in the meantime I will continue to peruse your own efforts, the bi-life does let you appreciate pron from more angles you know!

Anonymous said...

'porn' that is, oh those typos!