Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mid Year Wanking stats

I know these are pretty late. If I was a publically traded company, no doubt the securities monitoring people would be none too happy with me. Well, better late than never!

As expected, it is pretty clear (and from previous data) that more wanking happens when the traveling parent is doing just that: traveling.

As at 30 June 2008.

Total: 176
With traveling parent in country: 55 (31.25%)
With traveling parent in country: 121 (68.75%)

Weekday: 124 (70.45%)
Weekend: 52 (29.55%)

Monday: 26 (14.77%)
Tuesday: 28 (15.91%)
Wednesday: 22 (12.5%)
Thursday: 26 (14.77%)
Friday: 22 (12.5%)
Saturday: 25 (14.2%)
Sunday: 27 (15.34%)


Anonymous said...

Tasman says:

So Tuesday is the best day for wanking!

wanklogger said...

Sure is. I don't think the difference would be statistically significant though. When I check the stats, I am always surprised that the days are pretty even.

Anonymous said...

You are as mad as a bag full of wet cats...

wanklogger said...

Quite possibly.

Anonymous said...

I occasionally read & contribute to your blog. Your recent figures are quite impressive.

My husband has a habit of wanking in bed when he thinks I am asleep. This happens most nights & it is a big turn-on for me.

Because we are an older couple, sex is infrequent. I often get the urge but relieve myself by diddling my clit looking at porn or reliving memories of the cubicle door being pushed open at the swimming baths! (Yes, I loved showing the young teddy boys my naked breasts & hairy fanny so that they had something to wank over.)

I am still a dirty minded bitch & dream of taking three or four at a time as my snatch is well worn & needs more than normal.

In the meantime, I will let my husband dream on.

Mrs Mills.

Kate said...

Hullo! Still wanking away, I see! Nice stats : D

wanklogger said...

Mrs Mills: You still have the ability to make a young man hard!

wanklogger said...

Kate: Thanks! Good to hear from you again!