Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fun with Rose

Several weeks ago I found myself in a position of having to take a day off work. I quite like it when this happens! Full pay for not working, it's a good deal!

I also hadn't had a chance for some time to visit the knocking shop. I'd kept a weak monthly schedule, but sometimes it just doesn't work out to plan. It had been a few months so I figured it was time to go.

I had a wank in the shower, got dressed, invented some reason to go out that night ("for a drive to clear my head") and headed off.

I arrived and was introduced to the two ladies currently free. I always have problems with the small talk in the lounge. What exactly do you say? I try my best at asking how the day was going, the weather and then I run out of steam. I know why I am there, she knows why I am there, why go through the hassle? Unless she is from another country, then I am a master conversationalist. This particular night, I sat down next to Rose, from Korea, and had a great old chat.

We went upstairs and I jumped in the shower. Rose 'helped' me dry myself, resulting in making me hard.

Rose gave me a massage, and while doing so, ran her fingernails up the length of my cock. Which was becoming increasingly uncomfortable to lie on. I rolled over onto my back and Rose straddled my chest and slowly rubbed her breasts across my face and I licked her nipples.

By this time, my cock was standing bolt upright from me, Rose reached her hand around and ran it up the length. She dismounted me, slipped on a condom, and began licking slowly. Maybe I am just part of the frenzied Generation Y who must be always kept amused, but I get a little bored. I like to play, fondle, rub and I have two free hands when the lady is going down on me. I shifted a little so I could do all these things.

Rose's head was bobbing up and down and I saw her hand begin to drift towards her pussy. My hand found its way down there. She stopped and asked if I wanted to finger her, which I most certainly would. She rolled on her back and I sat up and shuffled forward, I asked her what I should do and slowly, gently rubbed her clit.

Her hands were guiding mine and picking up where I missed. She told me to go faster, which I did until she announced that she was cumming. I kept on doing what I was doing when she let out a gasp and her pussy convulsed over and over.

She stopped and bent her head up, then said there was another one, and started playing with herself again, furiously rubbing her clit. She came again.

Her hair was messed up and she leaned forward, dragging her breasts from my legs, over my cock, over my chest until we were face to face. She whispered into my ear that she wanted to see me cum. Still face to face, she swung her leg over and lowered herself onto my straining cock.

I was so close already, but I wanted to hold out for a bit. She bounced up and down the full length of my cock and I would thrust upwards to meet her. I felt the edge approaching, and slowed down. She rolled over onto her back and I eased into her. I had only ever tried missionary once before, and despite it being somewhat vanilla, I like it.

The process of getting ever closer and backing off continued a while longer. We changed between doggie, missionary, her on top a few more times. In the end, she was on top and said that she was going to cum again. This time, the convulsions I had only previously observed, I felt as she was wrapped around my cock.

This sent me screaming, I said I was going to cum and with her completely lowered on my cock, she rocked back and forth. As the videos show, I don't make much noise when I cum, but sometimes something slips out, this was one of those times.

I counted 6 spurts (I think), and sunk back into the bed. Rose got off me, peeled off the condom, and said something which took me back.

I am good at sex.

Some people are apparently rubbish. Some are apparently good. I fit into the latter group. Now, I know I am terrible at talking to girls, but I am pretty reasonable at picking the truth. Years of feeling awkward has helped me know when someone is feigning interest or amusement.

Truth or not, I had a fantastic time. I plan to head back in a few weeks, I hope she is there again!


Anonymous said...

tasman says:

Nice one, WL!

Anonymous said...

very hot story. i need to get me a rose-on-the-side

----- Jennifer ----- said...

your blog is very nice

wanklogger said...

Eternal: Absolutely, I can only speak well of her :)