Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sleeping Naked III

Sleeping naked is the saga that just doesn't end, I know. But, compared to the last time I wrote about this, things are going a lot better.

I have managed to get over the possibility of being walked in on. Hooray for small mercies! For around 5 weeks now I have slept naked every night, except some exceptionally cold nights for this time of year, a few times I forgot and the times I jerked off.

I don't think I will count the cold nights as failures, just doesn't seem fair. Despite wanting to sleep naked, clothes serve a great purpose as regulators of temperature. Plus, the times I forgot, well sometimes it happens.

I think I've done well. And it is significantly more comfortable.

But there was one last category there, after masturbating. This hangup still exists. After waking up a week ago and seeing two lovely splotches of dried cum on my boxer shorts I got all nervous about the idea - again. However, boxer shorts are easy, you just stuff them in the wash, they come out clean and no one is the wiser. They are small, "bundleable", good for covert washing. Sheets are not so covert. Big splotchy stains of jizz are not the greatest thing to have there.

But to change this, I will need to change an aspect of my behavior. Afterwards, I tend to feel relatively placid, relaxed but unfortunately feel a little guilty about the amount of time I spent. Time I "should have been doing something important", well up until this point, thesis stuff. I am also somewhat a twoface in this regard. I have incredibly liberal views on many things, but I would say I had a fairly conservative upbringing. I tend to have days of being one or the other. Do other people have this? I think afterwards, the conservative wanklogger becomes a little more prevalent and I tend to get my pants on quickly and get on with it.

For interest sake, I used to be very conservative. Those politicians of the world labelled neo-cons and ultra-right wing, that was my leaning. Something along the way happened, and all that has changed. But my conservative mindset, being that work is its own reward and the be-all-and-end-all of living sometimes forms my way of thinking.

I much prefer my liberal side, it is just more fun!

What I need to do is hold off the clean up for a little while, to squeeze out the last few drops. Thereby ensuring splotchy cum residue is not a problem. Interestingly, I think this will be a little more than just that. I have to let my more conservative side become less dominant. I'm kind of looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

I am a 29 year old housewife & I work as a cleaner etc. at a busy motel.

Part of my job is to strip the bedding & replace with clean sheets etc.

In the week, the occupants are mainy reps. staying just the one night before moving on.

It is quite common for the sheets to be soiled with jiz. & I have no problem handling the same.

It has become routine,for satisfying my curiosity, as I check-out the guys staying in the rooms.

On more than one occasion, I have sprung a guy peeping through the blinds perving on me as I prepare the gear for cleaning. I try to put on a show by revaling my cleavage or bum crack.

If the guy was cute, I retain a mental picture so that I can pleasure myself in the room once he has gone. I find myself caressing the soiled sheets as I love the smell & taste of fresh cum. Sometimes, the occupant will accidentally leave a dirty book which I take home for my husband.

WL, please don't feel bad about the dirty sheets. Whoever is stripping your bed will be proud of your natural instincts of being a man!

Anonymous said...

Next time in a hotel I'll soil EVERYTHING with my jizz!!
My dick is marble now!!


Wanklogger said...

pauline: Thank you for sharing! That is a very arousing story of yours. And after thinking about what you said, I am ultimately the only one who would see. I may live at home and have all the perks of living at home, but I still have to chip in and I do my own washing.

I think my manly instincts need more advertising :P

Anonymous said...

It's not so much the sheets.(They dry quickly.)It's the mattress below that takes the time.

Pauline, you're a babe! Your story forced me to wet the sheets yet again!

Wanklogger said...

The mattress...that could pose a problem.

Happy New Year Tasman!

Judge Dee said...

I started sleeping naked right after I got out of the military in 1967. The biggest hurdle I had to overcome was that it gave me a hardon. Now that's not altogether bad, since any hardon is an excuse to jack off. The problem was that after I jacked off (a) I leaked jizm thus marking the sheets, and (b) I felt self-conscious.

Problem A was a problem because I rented a room in a private house and my landlady was also the housekeeper. I wasn't too interested in having her see cum-stained sheets. I solved this one by not jacking until I had to piss. That way, as soon as my pulse returned to normal I could get up and take a leak. Problem solved.

Problem B was only a problem because it was the first time in my life that I could jack off as much as I wanted, any time of the day or night. Which I did. Being young and not having been exposed to rampant sex, free porn, and other horny people, I still had some naive notion that "self abuse" was wrong. After all, anything that felt that good had to be wrong. You can probably guess how I felt the first time I got a blowjob. Anyway, I soon got over that because I found a girlfriend who enjoyed not only watching me jack off but who also enjoyed doing it for me. A couple of weeks of her soon eliminated any self-consciousness I felt.

So now, 40 years later, I still sleep naked every night, regardless of how cold it gets. That's what electric blankets are for. And I still jack off. And that girlfriend that taught me not to feel bad about jacking off still jacks me off with gratifying regularity.

The best way to feel good about sleeping naked is to just do it and enjoy it.